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My husband is not one of those sports nuts, but he Wife naked for bet love football. He is very good about it, watching only the two games that are televised on Sunday afternoon. Generally, on Sunday he gets together with three of his friends at our house to watch the games.

Being boys they generally bet on the Wife naked for bet. Not for money, but to embarrass the loser. His friend Jim lost one week and was required to wear a dress the following week. Jim wore a red cocktail dress with thin straps. I must say he did not look bad even in the sneakers he was wearing.

Bob lost on a Packers game, and at an upcoming dinner was required to dress like a nerd and drink only milk that evening at the restaurant.

The waiter gave him the strangest look when he asked for milk while taking our drink orders. One week I Wife naked for bet Mature wide hips nude smacks for the boys and was unaware of the bet between Bill and my husband.

I was a little surprised to see Bill sitting naked after the first game. He told me the wager was that the loser had to be completely naked during the next game. I planned to spend more time in the kitchen during that game. Yet, Bill walked in during the first quarter and surprised me. He explained it was his turn to get a round of Wife naked for bet, and invited me back to watch the game saying it was OK.

A week later we were getting ready to watch Wife naked for bet games. My husband assured me his team could not lose. The boys really wanted to get Henry. It was halfway thru the season and Henry did not have to do anything embarrassing. They had purchased pink tights and Wife naked for bet tutu that if he lost, Henry would have to ware. They assumed he would wear the outfit the following week, but they really wanted him to wear it to the party in two weeks.

Henry agreed to wear Wife naked for bet outfit both next week and to the party provided they had a compatible prize if he won. Different suggestions were made, but it had to be something good. After all as Bob explained there would be almost 25 people at the party. My husband offered to get naked, but Henry's response was who wanted to see him naked. Without thinking I said if my Wife naked for bet lost, being a good wife Beautiful mom shaved pussy would get naked.

Henry liked the idea, but said I had to remain naked for the entire next game, and again all of next week. He added that if he had to wear the pink tights and tutu twice, I should be naked twice.

The score was already 10 -- 0 and my husband said the team could not lose, so I agreed. In overtime my team missed two field goals, and then lost when the other team scored. The room was quiet; no one knew what to say so they said nothing. I got up and went into the kitchen. It was Bill who followed me. He told me that Carrie underwood nude fake pictures naked expected to lose and would be a good sport.

He simply said no one expected me to do it, and left the room. I stood along in the kitchen for a few moments. No one ever reneged on a bet and I was not going to be the first. I took my clothes off walked into the room and stood by the TV. Bill suggested that I be allowed to get dressed, Wife naked for bet Henry simple said a bet was a bet. That afternoon, I still got the boys snacks and made them dinner.

Most of the time I sat quietly on a chair. No one commented or said anything, I was just a naked woman in the room. Wife naked for bet would turn in my direction so I knew they were eying Angela white naked picture. When the game ended I dressed.

The following week I moved a bar stool close to the TV. The height of the stool would provide each of the men an unobstructed view of my naked body. If I had to do this being close to the TV allowed then to watch Wife naked for bet game and casually glance at me. It was actually more comfortable; since no one had to turn to look at me I was less self-conscience.

It was a personal thing with me not Wife naked for bet appear like a slut, so I was dressed when they arrived.

I decided that just before the teams lined up for the opening kickoff I would slip away, remove my clothes, and return to sit naked on the stool. When the second game ended I would leave the room and returned fully Old mature femdom mistresses. I soon learned this had some advantages. The men arrived with pre-made platters of food for snacks, and announced that they would be ordering dinner from the local restaurants.

I was no longer required to spend time Wife naked for bet the kitchen fixing snacks or dinner. My friend Karen arrived shortly before kick-off and wanted me to go shopping with her.

She was surprised to learn of my bet, and the fact that Wife naked for bet would be sitting naked for the men. Since she was curious I told her she could stay if she wished. The boys were seated five minutes before the game started. Karen watched as I disrobed and I invited her to join us. She followed me into the room and I took my place on the bar stool as the boys made room for Karen on the couch.

During the first game there were no issues. Just like last week I was the naked girl in the room. When the game ended I got up to get some wine from the kitchen. Karen came in later and told me the boys were plotting to have some friends arrive after the second game started.

She apologized but said she had to leave. I was still in the kitchen fixing a salad when my husband John came for a beer. Parading around naked in front of four men can get you horny. A hug and a kiss and soon I'm sitting on the edge of the kitchen table, John's pants are on the floor and he is pumping away inside me. I hear a voice informing John that he is going to miss the second game. John replies that he will be quick. I look into my husband's eyes and say not too quickly I need to score also.

He replies "but honey the game". He starts to pull out as I attempt to pull him closer, but he is out and pulling up his pants. You need to stop and understand what is transpiring. I have been naked in front of four men for the past three hours. My darling husband seduces me into a quickie in the kitchen. While we are going at it Bill and Jim walk in and catch the show. I should feel some form of embarrassment, but instead I am mad he is not willing to stay and allow me to cum. Before he leaves the kitchen I confront him about Karen's Wife naked for bet that he invited some more men to come over.

He tries to make some feeble excuse, but finally admits that two men will soon be joining us. They were talking about my bet the other night and the men did not believe them so my husband invited them over to see for themselves. I convey my unhappiness, and let my husband know he owes me big time.

We return to the game just in time to hear the doorbell. Yes, the two men arrive. While my other guests may have been polite, these men are enjoying gawking at my body. While sitting on the bar stool one even makes a gesture that I uncross my legs and sit with then spread open.

Soon game related sexual comments begin to flow from all six men in the room. Looking directly at me Bill comments that someone better 'score' soon. I hear someone wishing to plant something between the goal posts.

A holding call and the sign becomes two hands extended forward squeezing something, you can guess what? I'm still annoyed at my husband for his quickly and the new guests. The first quarter ends and the score is zero -- zero. Someone in frustration ask what is it going to take to score in this game, I respond it depended on what you're offering.

I continue by simply saying if your team scores you score, my team scores what's on the table. After some negotiation it is agreed that the men will be naked for a future game, Clothed Female Naked Male. If my team scores a field goal that counts as a half, and each touchdown will mean the men have to be naked for the full game. Suddenly, the announcer yells that the men's team has scored a field goal. It's agreed a field goal is worth a feel.

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