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I contemplated dividing it into chapters, since it is quite long. I hope those who read it, enjoy it. I am indebted to BrownSugar82 and Juicy Starchild for their editing which has made my story more readable. At forty-eight I was heading for what may be the most exciting day of my life.

I was getting married to someone I considered the most beautiful girl in the world. Jane was being an old fashioned girl, telling me that it was unlucky for me to see the bride on the night before the wedding, so she'd gone to stay the night with an old college friend.

I was just going up to my home office to check that I had all the arrangements done when I heard her key in the door. At the bottom of the stairs I turned towards the front door and froze. She stood there, with her Mediterranean tan, wearing a two-piece suit that probably cost as much as I took out of the company in a week.

She looked at me, gave Japanese lesbian porn pretty girls a big smile and ran the best she could in her tight skirt and high heels, with her arms outstretched. Grabbing her arms, I pushed her off me. This is my home. I've come back home. This is my house and you have no right to be in it. Picking up the phone I dialled the number on the card.

Yes, the Submissive wanted by sugar daddy in warsaw. She's back. Yes, my ex-wife, Lisa. Yes, she's right in front of me. Well, you'd better be quick because I'll be sending her on her way pretty soon. It seems that some people would like to talk to you. You're welcome to wait here for them. Report Story. Login or Sign Up. Literotica is a trademark.

No part may be reproduced in any form without explicit written permission. Password: Forgot your password? Security code:. Romance Sugar Daddy. I could still remember the day I came home to find an envelope containing her bank cards, credit card and a short note. Kevin, I'm leaving to find my true destiny. Please don't waste your time and money trying to find me. You won't succeed, and even Submissive wanted by sugar daddy in warsaw you did you wouldn't change my mind. I hope life treats you kindly and that you find it in yourself to forgive me.

Good luck, Lisa The note was printed from my office computer—she couldn't even hand write it. Submissive wanted by sugar daddy in warsaw had been school-days sweethearts, getting together when I was eighteen and Lisa just sixteen. Back in those days I was considered a high flyer. I used to joke with Lisa that I'd be a millionaire by the time I was thirty. At least, it was a joke to me. I got into Manchester University and studied electronics.

Of course, I met plenty of girls at university, but there was only one girl for me. Lisa was the girl that all Submissive wanted by sugar daddy in warsaw boys wanted to date, but she'd just tell them she was waiting for her millionaire. Every holiday I'd be back and we'd be together. Of course, I had to work during the holidays, but we still saw plenty of each other. The surprise came when just after my finals Lisa told me she was pregnant. I say it was a surprise because I thought we'd been careful.

However, accidents happen—I always thought we'd get married someday, so why not now. I graduated with first class honours and had offers from a number of the electronics and telecom Submissive wanted by sugar daddy in warsaw. That was probably our first disagreement. Lisa wanted me to take a job with one of the Submissive wanted by sugar daddy in warsaw boys, after all they paid well and there was a lot of prestige in working for them.

I, on the other hand, wanted to work for a small organisation where I felt Indonesian women ass pussy could achieve more. I did it my way and we moved Submissive wanted by sugar daddy in warsaw Somerset. Danvers Electronics was a small company that designed and built navigation aids for yachtsmen and did little work for the defence industry.

The company was owned by Bob Danvers, a man in his forties. Two things really attracted me to the company. First was Bob himself. He was an engineer and realised that investment at the sharp end of the company was the most important. His designers worked with top of the range equipment, while the administrators and managers frequently made do with computers the designers had outgrown.

The second was the fact that their chief designer was nearing retirement age. I was likely to Submissive wanted by sugar daddy in warsaw the ladder a lot quicker there than at one of the big companies.

Bob was a genuinely good bloke. Once I'd accepted the job he found a flat for Lisa, bump and me, and paid our deposit and the first three month's rent. My first few months' salary went on buying second hand furniture, preparing for the arrival of Elliott. Lisa really blossomed while pregnant and that bloom didn't leave her after Elliott was born. Within four months she got her figure back—in fact it was better than before. Her breasts were bigger and now balanced her hips.

At five foot eight she was taller than most women, and her chestnut hair with blue eyes made her stand out from the crowd. If the boys at school were jealous before, they'd be doubly so now. We soon outgrew the flat and were looking for a house. Once again, Bob helped us. He convinced me that renting was giving money away and that I should try to buy a house. I only had enough saved for half the deposit, so Bob loaned us the other half.

It wasn't all philanthropy with Bob. He knew I could get a better deal elsewhere, and he knew that if I bought a house I was more likely to stay in the area. As the years went Submissive wanted by sugar daddy in warsaw, things got a little easier. I really wanted more children, but we just weren't lucky that way. When the chief designer retired, Bob confounded my plans by deciding on a restructure. He wanted design and development brought together under one leader.

My heart sank when he came to me and asked me to come and meet the Design and Development manager. Submissive wanted by sugar daddy in warsaw took me up to his office. When we got there, the place was empty. He opened another door. As I walked in I was looking straight in the mirror. You'd better bloody take it—I've based this whole restructuring around you.

I mean, I was hoping for the design job, but are you sure you want me Submissive wanted by sugar daddy in warsaw run the combined department? You don't really think I didn't know what I was getting. I made my enquiries before I offered you a job.

You and Lisa may look upon me as a benevolent old fool, but if you do, you're wrong. I'm a businessman, and you, young man, are very good for business. It seems that we all have our own talents. Mine was for logic, electronics and finding new and innovative ways of doing things; Lisa's talent was for spending money. I made arrangements with Bob so that not all of my new salary would be paid into our joint account—ten percent got diverted to a savings account.

Lisa still saw an increase, but it gave me a buffer for rainy days. Over the next Kelli michelle berglund pelada years the company's defence work Submissive wanted by sugar daddy in warsaw, largely due to my department's drive to diversify. In the process I filed a couple of patents, having come up with cheaper, better ways of proving the same result.

We weren't a large enough company to take on all the work our patents would guarantee, so we allowed our competitors to use some of our designs under a licence, giving us royalties.

Since the patents came from my work, Bob insisted I took a percentage of the royalties as an annual bonus, which I used to reduce the outstanding mortgage. I thought we were doing quite well. By the time I was thirty we had our own detached house in the country, two cars and a good standard of living.

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