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While they had been close Spanked by his siblings young children, since his sister had become a teenager, she really wanted nothing to do with her little brother. With four years of age separating them, she just saw him as a nosey little pest that was put on earth to annoy her. It was her attitude toward him that motivated his desire to get under her skin as much as possible. With her now 17 years old and him being 13, she saw herself as an adult but still viewed him an annoying little brat.

As two siblings that were still spanked on a regular basis, there was no greater joy in his life than when his big sister got a spanking. He loved the fact that his Spanked by his siblings, who now All naked nigeria sugar mummies of herself as an adult, still found herself of the receiving end of spankings from their dad. While they were both still spanked, his sister seemed to get it far more often than he did.

A belt spanking Spanked by his siblings a pretty big deal and was reserved for fairly large scale infractions of the household rules. This almost always took place on the privacy of the room of the person being spanked and it was always a punishment to be remembered. A handspanking for him or his sister could easily last minutes, while a belt spanking, was typically over in less than a minute.

Neither one really stopped until their dad had produced tears from whoever he was spanking. If their dad was particularly mad, or if the offense was something that was common between both brother and sister, he would often incorporate a little bare bottom corner timewhich typically involved minutes of kneeling, or standing, close to where they were spanked, with their bottom on display.

Anytime that the mood in the house seemed that his sister would get spanked, he made a point of being close by so he could hear and often see the spanking take place.

He could hear her getting the belt Spanked by his siblings the walls, but the sound was always better when his door was open. This would allow him to not only hear her get spanked, but also to watch it take place. His goal was always to be within her sight line so he could just smile away as dad blistered her bottom.

He had to be careful, and not be seen actively teasing his sister during her spanking, but he lots of little ways to make sure South actress special fakes porn xossip fakes she knew he was watching and enjoying every minute.

Even more fun for Porno menchaca en bikini, was on the occasions when she was put in time out after her spanking. This would typically happen in either the living room, or just off of the kitchen. He would always find some chore that needed to be done in the vicinity of her corner time and would chuckle and snicker just loud enough for her to hear him.

Hearing his sister argue with their dad, he grabs his phone and starts to record. On his 13th birthday he finally got the smart phone he had been begging for, for a few years, and this allowed a plan he had for several months to finally come to fruition. He had seen her bare butt spanked dozens of times, but he wanted to record it on his phone and he also wanted her to know that he had. He thought it would be a good little piece of black mail, to threaten to upload it to YouTube.

It took several months for all of the pieces of the puzzle to Spanked by his siblings together that would allow it to happen. He had Spanked by his siblings the audio of her getting her butt whipped in her bedroom, but this was nowhere near as embarrassing as what he wanted to capture.

The audio was basically just the loud so und of the belt and her crying and carrying on like a little girl. He waits Spanked by his siblings the spanking to begin, then sneaks down the stairs, to capture it on his camera phone.

After he got his phone, there were several spankings that Spanked by his siblings received that he was able to be present for, but she was not spanked in a room where he could Spanked by his siblings her without being seen. The Spanked by his siblings common place that a spanking took place was at the table in the kitchen area. This was pretty much the central spot in the house and dad would often sit her down at the table to talk to her before a spanking.

When the talk was over the he would turn his chair around and she would bare her bottom and be pulled over his knee. When he included corner time, she would have to kneel, facing the wall, between the kitchen and the dining area. There was Spanked by his siblings no way for him to shoot a video with his phone when she was spanked in this area without being caught.

What he needed was for her to be spanked in the living room, which would allow him to spy from the stairs, which would allow him a chance to do so without his dad seeing. He has the perfect view to watch his sister getting her bare bottom spanked by dad. It all came together one day, when he had stayed home sick from school. He heard his sister and his dad come in the front door, and it was clear that neither of them were happy.

He knew it was Spanked by his siblings now and grabbed his phone and scrambled out of his room. Spanked by his siblings briefly saw from the top of the stairs, his sister being escorted into the living room. He tiptoed down the creaky wooden stairs, just as the spanking started. He uses his phone to record her more than four minute long, bare bottom spanking Spanked by his siblings dad.

He took his time getting to a spot where he could peek over the railing, as he knew he had several Spanked by his siblings of spanking to record. He barely Spanked by his siblings the phone over the banister, looking at the screen, assuring that her little butt was visible on camera.

Dad was really pissed this time, as he had little tolerance for foul language. He watched on the screen of his phone as his sister, with her pants and panties around her knees, got her 17 year old bottom blistered by their dad.

The spanking went on and on and lasted for several minutes. She managed to hold back the tears for the first minute or so, but he knew from his own experiences with dad, that there was no way Spanked by his siblings fight back the tears the whole Spanked by his siblings. After a few minutes, she was crying like the teen girl that she actually was and there were no visible signs that she was actually the adult she thought she was.

He recorded as she waddled her way over to the mantle and kneeled down on the hard marble surface. He waited a minute or so to make sure his dad was no longer close, and then snuck down the Spanked by his siblings to film her red bottom in corner time. He snuck up close and got a good close up shot of her bright red bottom, while she was still gently sobbing. He knew he could get in trouble, but he wanted her to know that he had filmed the whole thing.

He walked up close enough for her to see him. Spanked by his siblings turned her head and saw that he was filming, and she threatened to tell their dad. With a quiet giggle, he hurried back to his room to make a backup copy on his computer for future use, should it be required.

He gets a close up shot of her bright red teen bottom and lets her know that he filmed the whole thing on his phone. Tags: bare bottomBeltcamera phonecorner timecorporal punishmentdadhigh schoolotkover the kneepunishmentsistersspankingstrapstrappingtearsTeenvideoSpanked by his siblingswitnessed.

Picture Perfect theme by Wayne. Recording his sister getting spanked by dad on his camera phone While they had been close as young children, since his sister had become a teenager, she really wanted nothing to do with her little brother. Pants and panties left down after her spanking for a little corner time.

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