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From the feedback I received, I gather there are quite a few Cinema Retro readers out there who not only long for the days of mainstream classic cinema —but classic porn as well. She may not sound as familiar to some of you as Georgina or Marilyn Chambers, but to her many devoted fans throughout the world she was incomparable.

With her short, swept back blonde hair and her trademark black Juliet anderson aka aunt peg, garter belt and neck scarf, Juliet was the most seductive, teasing temptress to ever grace the adult screen.

Her orgasms were real, evidenced by that wicked smile on her face, every time she was about to devour that particularly lucky guy or gal. Her energy was electrifying and explosive. Juliet knew what her fans wanted and delivered it every time. She never gave a bad performance and consequently saved many a lackluster movie with her wild improvisational and comedic style.

She knew how to get the action going, making up dialogue and bits of business on the spot. Juliet was the oldest actress to enter the business, which in those days was still a small cottage industry financed by mobsters, dentists and others who would rather not reveal their real names.

The adult bookstore, peepshow arcade and movie theatre were now a part of the urban landscape throughout the country. Hollywood Juliet anderson aka aunt peg were watching X-rated movies alongside the usual men with raincoats on their laps. Business was booming, adult films were still being shot on film, even with Panavision cameras in some cases.

There was at least the pretense of a story or plot to all the screwing going on up on the big screen. Tripping down memory lane- in Juliet's inimitable style.

Lots of fun, short hours, good pay. She had already experienced the world both physically and sexually. But before she was about to take this first big step on the wild side as it were, she first reflected back to her childhood days. They had a wonderful marriage and enjoyed fabulous sex, as Juliet Juliet anderson aka aunt peg likes to say.

With all the industry folk who would visit the house, Juliet was already catching the showbiz bug. However by then, she had inherited a condition from her father that made her allergic and violently ill to such things as ammonia, perfumes and smoke. For a time, she was laid-up in bed for years as a child, with doctors not knowing then what they do now.

On arriving for the job interview, she was informed that owner Alex de Renzy was a busy film maker and he would have to approve her hiring. She was also told not to mention her age to him, because 39 was considered over-the-hill for a novice entering adult films. De Renzy rose to fame in the Juliet anderson aka aunt peg community as a pioneer. Inhe went to Denmark and produced a documentary which he titled Censorship in Denmark.

It showed everything that was going on with pornography there and included explicit hard-core scenes along with the standard travelogue shots and in-the-street interviews.

De Mille of erotic film. Juliet anderson aka aunt peg of de Renzy or his reputation, Juliet finally met him and he was so impressed by her beauty and intelligence, he offered her a part in a film he was Juliet anderson aka aunt peg shooting called Pretty Peaches. On reading the script, she was blown away pardon the pun by the fact that it was all about hard-core sex.

When John Leslie joined them on the bed, Juliet had already proven she was a star in the making —literally. Sex for Juliet, right from the beginning, has been a relief from the pain that has been with her all her life.

I mentioned that Juliet anderson aka aunt peg is not just beautiful but intelligent, a sensitive intellect with a fiercely independent and dominant personality. Long before it became fashionable, Juliet was already into yoga, meditation and good health.

At that moment, however, all I cared about was that I floated free of pain. I was astonished, ecstatic and an immediate convert to the healing aspects of guilt-free sex. She was lucky enough to start out when porn was still being shot on film and with good budgets, though she did have to supply her own wardrobe, even if he was mostly naughty underwear.

Talk about early pay-per-view, or should I say play-per-view It was in one of these loops shot for the Swedish Erotica series that Juliet would make porn history. So when the director asked what name she liked to call this persona, she just replied Peggy. With that, the scene has Peggy introducing her niece played by Sharon Kane to her friend, the legendary John Holmes. Not only was it just his over-sized penis, but his over-sized attitude on the set.

Leslie makes his move on Juliet on the staircase. Other porn stars had careers with hundreds of titles, but none has as many classics as Juliet. Just watch her in action with Kay Parker in the Taboo series, Marilyn Chambers in Insatiable and the numerous films with Seka and other contemporary sex queens.

At the same time as Juliet was wowing everyone on screen, she developed a one woman erotic stage show that she took on the road. As the movie work only gave her a small income, Juliet created the roles of Helen the Big black booty sistas, Suzie the secretary, Chris the cook, Cassie the carpenter with Elaine the executive being her favorite. From what people tell me, they were live shows that would even arouse passion in the dead.

Unlike those who pass for for porn stars today, Juliet could do it all and do it with class. It was well received and would see her directing again. Of course Juliet had a whole different life before Black twink butt hole the sexual arena. A straight A student in school, she worked at the phone company to fund college.

They married, but the relationship, although passionate, was short-lived. Juliet studied the Asian culture and literature, whilst teaching conversational English in Hayama and Tokyo. Byshe moved back to the States and had a variety of jobs in Florida, including a non-nude role in a very low budget exploitation flick The Beast That Killed Women.

Juliet anderson aka aunt peg continued teaching English wherever she went. It was a depressing time for her both mentally and financially, let alone sexually.

Inone of the deciding factors for Juliet leaving adult movies was the bad experiences she had after directing and producing, as well as starring in, Educating Nina.

The film is an absolute gem even if it was shot on video, which had recently become the trend. Mann is as hot as it gets. The video also marks the adult film debut of Nina Hartley, who was discovered by Juliet. Unfortunately, Juliet discovered that being a female pioneer in an male dominated profession was nerve-wracking. In a bad business deal, Juliet was Juliet anderson aka aunt peg over by her distributor and her production was re-edited, leaving her financially and emotionally stressed.

It took time for her to recover and to regain her confidence Wow girls x video. The original MILF is still a head-turner today.

Not being one to dwell on the past, she moved on with her life and enrolled in school to learn massage therapy. She had found her calling —her teachings and experience lead Juliet anderson aka aunt peg to develop Tender Loving Touch.

InJuliet re-entered the adult entertainment world by producing and directing Ageless Desireonly this time the sex was focused on real couples, over, showing that they could enjoy good sex too. Available on Amazon, it is well Juliet anderson aka aunt peg, with Juliet and her partner at the time seen on-screen as one of the three couples depicted. It received high praise from sex educators and fans alike. Juliet anderson aka aunt peg Anderson has also been well honored, if not financially compensated by the adult industry.

And inshe received an honorary doctorate in sexology by the Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality. Nina Hartley is still working — proof that Juliet knew how to recognize talent in other performers. Indeed, I recommend a visit to her website to find out the latest news on this veteran star. As she approaches her seventy-first birthday, she is still absolutely stunning, only now her hair color is a striking silver blonde instead of just blonde.

Her sexual presence on film and video Juliet anderson aka aunt peg not dated, as it has matured with her. Digital re-mastering has given her work an illuminating brilliance and a clarity, which has new generations of fans both men and women cheering. She is every bit a classic star as anyone in the Golden Age of Hollywood ever was.

Although she lives alone, she enjoys the Juliet anderson aka aunt peg of her four furry pussies as in catswho give her a warmth and serenity that she takes great comfort in.

Living in Berkeley, she takes full advantage of the local arts and theatre scene and is glad she gave up TV long before the digital era. For the inadequate, the introverted and the infirm, let alone all the rest of us, Juliet is the kind of aunt Juliet anderson aka aunt peg we can all relate to -and love! As always, if I can be any further help — grahamhill sbcglobal.

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