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Dildo by Doc Johnson. Great American challenge - dildo by Doc Johnson American challenge sex toy review by American challenge sex toy boy. Great American challenge Dildo by Doc Johnson. Write your own review. Add resource. Up to the challenge This is only for those bold and experienced enough to accept the "challenge". It is to be treated with the same respect as a piece of military ordnance.

While this is not the largest toy I've seen on the market, it is definitely playable and satisfying. Indian girl latest boobs pic use will provide you with some of the best pleasure you can get from a sex toy.

Published: September 23, It doesn't score high on the flimsy scale but it could be firmer at the base of the shaft. As someone who enjoys the pleasures offered by big toys it came as no surprise that this prime sample caught my eye right away.

They used to have a coconut next to this on the page as a size reference. Honestly, that's what I found so impressive and "challenging" to begin with. Now, a lot of folks will get on here and discuss the feasibility, practicality and safety or lack there of concerning the actual use of American challenge sex toy product for penetration. Anyone discouraging the use of this toy for that purpose is possibly American challenge sex toy right in doing so.

Anything that dwarves a coconut needs to be treated with respect. After finally deciding to purchase it, it arrived at my doorstep packed in a rectangular box that made an immediate suggestion to the size of the goods therein. After cutting the box open, I was greeted by one of the most majestic and imposing sights yet.

I wanted to play with it right away but, discipline prevailed and waited until later that evening. I decided to use it first to loosen up a bit. I recommend using at least 25ml of a good lube, preferably water based in gel form. You can rub the toy with a water based liquid to further facilitate entry.

I found two methods of insertion that work well for me. One involves standing over the toy and using an adjustable platform to get it in. The other which I Pumpkin carving lesbian porn is to use a small plastic American challenge sex toy board or similar item to provide a firm surface for support.

This allows for insertion from the "top" position and for more creativity. Getting the head was the same then as it is now; quite an experience. The first time though is always a whopper as you don't know what to expect. Going in it was unlike anything I'd had before and very exhilarating. The sensation of it parting the anus was pleasantly painful and after the head went in, I almost lost it. Even though I got very comfortable with it very quickly, it took a few sessions before I was able to get in all the way.

The best thing is to work yourself into a pleasure zone with it and go from there. If you actively try to get it in all the way just to get it done, you'll miss half the fun.

When it actually happened, it was a very pleasant surprise. As with any toy, safety is paramount! I don't encourage sharing this thing as there is at least to my knowledge, no condom that will fit this dildo. There are other concerns regarding the materials used to make it so use at your own discretion. Yesterday, I played with this and was having quite a wild ride before I realized that I had actually taken the whole thing in.

At that point I lost control and came a little to soon but very hard. This content is the opinion of the submitting contributor and is not endorsed by EdenFantasys. About author.

Cock Wrangler. I bet some XXL condoms would fit over a good portion of the shaft. But yeah, probably not the best for sharing. Thanks for discussing safety concerns. Jimbo Jones. That seems to be quite the experience. My eyes aren't American challenge sex toy enough to ever make me think I could take that thing in.

This is one of the ones that really was being sold as "only a novelty" toy even here on Eden Fantasys, but it American challenge sex toy fill a need, so to speak, in the market. Thanks for the review. Naughty boy. Well Jimbo, I too shared that sentiment until not long ago. I would have never thought of taking something like that in.

However; one experience changed that in and I was enthralled by the majesty of the big'uns. The day I discovered this site I was doing a search for large Tumblr nude housewives spreading dildos American challenge sex toy while thumbing through the American challenge sex toy, I saw this purple monster sitting next to that coconut and I just had to have it.

I'm looking forward to purchasing other large toys here in the future. I have more toys on hand for which I'll write other reviews. Just curious, but did you bleed when trying to use this? I did not. My progression to something this big was gradual. I also seem to have an above average degree of flexibility which has allowed me to enjoy large toys like this one without injury or loss of muscular tension. A American challenge sex toy that can handle this!

I'm impressed. O Oh my. I salute you. And also, I beg you to be careful. There are a few comments from people saying they got ruptured colons from riding too hard. Can you imagine that? You're far braver than I am, I could never even consider trying this. It scares me. Thanks for the review! Man, I wish this weren't discontinued. I wanted to use this for multiple purposes - orgasms and home protection. Make a post. Forum No discussions yet.

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