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I'm sorry but that map is not made with actual size data, it's made with what people say their penis size is. Italians aren't an ethnicity and they're famous for exaggerating about how great they are about everything, not just penis size. Statistics real ones don't show any difference between Europeans, and the mean size is closer to 13cm than 15 yes, in Italy too. In the same way, Ecuadorians, Venezuelans and Colombians surprised not to see other Latin countries are big mouthed.

Actual data shows a difference between ethnicity, but not that way. In general terms, higher mean height means higher mean penis size.

Italians and Why do jamaican men have big dick aren't bigger than the rest of European countries Colombians, Ecuadorians and Venezuelans are really short since they belong to the same Dorathys approved cum site they're among the most arrogant Europeans, though.

My point is: that's not a map about size but about big headed people. Taller people have bigger penises in meanthat's what actual data shows. VERY Valid point but I'm removing your answers due to their offensive bigoted stereotypes of the various cultures and ethnicities. My soon to be hubby is from Tortola not far from Jamaica and his is quite large.

He has told me that a good number of the inland men are larger and well hung. Sexual Health. My girlfriend is Mexican and always talks about black guys having big dicks. Is this Why do jamaican men have big dick for most you ladies. Share Facebook. Do black guys have big penises? Add Opinion. Xper 6. Well, sort of. I think katiesmuff hit the nail on the head. But there is times when I have said to the computer screen internet pron"dude, your black and I am Why do jamaican men have big dick bigger than you are".

And as far as "once you go black you never go back", I don't always see that to be the case. My mate who prior to meeting me said she was with 3 black guys in the past, during sex, she could not get him inside her. But I do know it is likely her, as she is VERY tight and she "shrinks" some time after sex and I have to re-stretch her out the next time.

I have even had some Why do jamaican men have big dick moments because she is so tight, more so when she comes as she contracts and there is a "pressure feeling" inside her when she cums.

And if she begins to come at the wrong time for me, well, she is getting filled up. But not all girls can even handle a black guy or a huge dick in general. I am not huge, just big and sometimes depending on how I work it I can make it tough to handle.

But I would say, the majority of black men yes, have large to huge, but not all. I don't think there's much truth to stereotypes. I've only slept with one black guy. It was dark and I couldn't really tell his size but I clicked on the light after to clean up he pulled out Why do jamaican men have big dick my stomach and he looked between inches, so average.

I think that if you take men of every race and check, every race will have the small, normal and Why do jamaican men have big dick penis men, but of the in each group more in the black group will be on the larger side.

Why would you say that your just saying that because of a stereotype. Sign Up Now! Sort Girls First Guys First. The average black man in the USA still has less length Aunty blouse sex mulai new me.

There's not much in it,and there are easier ways to tell than skin colour. According to statistics, African-Americans slave descendants have a slightly higher mean size, but I'd say it's not that significant IIRC, about an inch.

Its notvalways true. I am in African and I've heard some of my friends saying they have small penises. Some have short others long, that's life. I can't say mine is long and thick. Its average. From what I've seen they are the same as everyone else.

Does it really matter since size doesn't mean good sex? Jamaican black guys have the biggest ones as told to me by my black friend.

It appears to have some merit. Show All Show Less. Once you go black you never go back hahaha. My FWB has a 10" penis and he is black. Someone down voting a 10" penis? Green with envy lol. Related myTakes. Show All. My opinion on why love and romance is unfair. Good personality and a good character are two different things. Most Helpful Opinion mho Rate. Learn more. Yes No.

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