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This story contains material that might not be suitable for people Fullmetal alchemist sex stories There will be gay man sex so please don't read any further if you do not approve! You've been warned. Thank you and enjoy the story! Author's Notes : Like all my other fanfictions, this one was a dream I had. I put more detail in it of course. There might be spoilers if you haven't watched or read all of Fullmetal Alchemist.

Also, I make a few blonde jokes but please don't get mad if you're blonde because I'm blonde myself and I have nothing Fullmetal alchemist sex stories blondes. I just thought it would make the story funnier. That's all The reason you're paycheck has been fluctuating is because you and Alphans use that money towards unnecessary things. The junk food, toys, and comics are things you can live without. He stood up from the leather chair and walked in front of Edward.

I'll increase your paycheck to what it was Fullmetal alchemist sex stories Only if you beat me. You THAT desperate to lose? Fullmetal alchemist sex stories blue lights flew past Roy's feet and up the wall behind him, then the wall stretched forth as if alive.

Like two stone arms, the wall grabbed Roy's wrists and slammed him against the wall where Fullmetal alchemist sex stories pinned him. He couldn't even use his fire alchemy with Fullmetal alchemist sex stories bands pinning Fullmetal alchemist sex stories wrists to the wall. Edward stood up and clapped his hands together to get any dust off. He then walked toward Mustang, smirking with glee.

His knee came up and harshly jabbed Edward Fullmetal alchemist sex stories the stomach, causing his saliva to fly forth as the force threw him backwards onto the ground. If you were smart, you would have pinned my legs as well. He slowly lifted himself up still holding his gut. He looked straight in Roy's eyes with a spark of excitement. You'll pay for that stunt you pulled I'll make sure to torture you well Colonel. They would all be wondering where I am. I could easily sculpt a stone figure of you and place your clothes on it, and then I could hide behind Dora hairy pussy nude and disguise my voice as yours and fool them all.

I could tell them you're leaving the country for a while. I'll be needing those clothes. Roy noticed the stone bands around his ankles starting to crack. All he had to do was wait until Ed got close enough. One of his legs broke free from the stone confinement and launched toward Edward. However, Ed was cautious of this and dodged Fullmetal alchemist sex stories attack of Roy's kick.

More stone bands shot out of the wall and wrapped around Mustang's limbs so that there was three bands strapping each limb down. The Flame Alchemist struggled but knew it was no good. He couldn't use his fire alchemy in this position unless he wanted to risk burning himself. Edward chuckled when he saw a sweat Tit in a wringer on Roy's cheek.

Afraid to admit you lost? And so far, I don't remember ever saying I surrender, do you? Roy looked away from Edward to hide the slight blush that suddenly formed. But that's never going to happen unless you kill me. What are you going to do? Ed clapped his hands and brought forth the blade in his automail arm and smirked. Roy tried once more to break free from the wall Fullmetal alchemist sex stories failed miserably.

Mustang cursed under his breath as he stared intensely at Ed. Roy shut his eyes, expecting to feel pain. Instead, he felt a Fullmetal alchemist sex stories breeze. He looked down to see that his uniform was cut across the chest, exposing his untouched, bare, masculine torso along with his nipples that were perked from the cool air.

I cut exactly Surplus vintage mens shoes I wanted. Ed took the Fullmetal alchemist sex stories and Vanessa minnillo fake nude slid the cold metal tip Fullmetal alchemist sex stories Roy's chest and down his stomach until it reached the navel.

This caused a wave of chills to sweep over Mustang's entire body. That small contact awakened something inside him. He wanted more. Much more. He wanted Edward to be the one to give it to him. I'm going to torture you well.

He used his human hand to take off Roy's white gloves. Edward laughed at how pathetic he looked, being outsmarted by a 15 year old. Oh yes I was getting ready to torture you. Now his bare arms, shoulders, and collar bones were exposed. His pale flesh glistened in what little sunlight that peeked through the window. Edward then placed the blade at the arch of Roy's neck. He then removed the blade and used alchemy to return the blade in his automail. Roy let out a hard breath that he didn't realize he was holding.

Edward placed his cold metal hand on Roy's bare side. Mustang flinched at the sudden Fullmetal alchemist sex stories of the ice-cold metal colliding with his hot flesh that throbbed for more. Edward slid his hand up until he came Fullmetal alchemist sex stories a sensitive nipple.

His metal fingers gently squeezed, pinched, and teased. Mustang suddenly felt the heat rise in his pelvic area. He squirmed under each light touch that Edward teased him with. The combination of his metal hand and human hand feeling up the sculpted torso was driving Mustang insane. He turned his head to one side as his breathing became heavier. Then Roy gasped when he felt a hot slick tongue exploring the curves of the muscles on his stomach.

After exploring for a while, he finally reached the previously touched nipple and let his tongue swirl around the pink bead and teased with his teeth. Mustang couldn't Fullmetal alchemist sex stories but let out a slight moan that he was biting back.

Edward instantly picked up the sound in his ears and smirked, knowing it was a sign that Roy liked what he was doing with his tongue. Mustang feeling aroused was exactly what Edward wanted. He knew the more he teased Roy, the more torture he would inflict upon the Flame Alchemist.

Now it was time to kick it up a notch. Mustang became nervous when Ed got on his knees and opened the fly of Roy's uniform pants. Just admit you lose and I'll stop. Roy's heart sank for a split second. I mean I'm not going to lose to a shrimp like you! Edward raised a curious eyebrow from the tone of Mustang's voice. It wouldn't be any fun if I just gave you what you wanted rather then torturing you.

Releasing you would mean I lost. But I very well can't have you stuck there doing nothing. That wouldn't be any fun either. I'll just have to figure something out. Besides, I have to make you pay for that earlier comment. Edward slowly slid the uniform pants down far enough to see Roy's boxers and the large bulge underneath. Edward's amber eyes Fullmetal alchemist sex stories with excitement. Getting a chance to do something like this to a high ranking officer was an exciting experience for Edward.

Also, the fact that he had an older man at his mercy was icing on the cake. He still had to get Roy to surrender.

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