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User Name Remember Me? You are: Looking for now Looking for later Not looking Not a member? Ebony gloryholes in charlotte nc area for free! Your post will have a delay in publication. When you cross the bridge, follow the trail for 'Pine Needle Loop' to the right. You'll pass a port-a-potty and then it goes into a loop at the end of that trail and that is the cruisy area. Remember Me? Forgot Password? Looking for now Looking for later Not looking.

Not a member? If this is a hit-or-miss place then I got lucky. Turn right and follow the path. It will go into the woods. Cross the bridge and follow the path on the right. Anywhere along there is cruisy The only place I can find is by the club house and I don't think that's the spot.

The cruisy Ebony gloryholes in charlotte nc area is across the covered bridge in the center of the lake. It is usually more cruisy on Sundays between No recent reviews but I'm a hot athletic guy and I'd love to get my dick sucked here.

There are some workers that give the blowjobs throughout the store. You just Post sex change pussy to get their attention as to what you want. Most Recent Reviews Posted Jun 5 Both the eastbound and westbound rest stops on I at this location have a small gloryhole drilled into the partition wall between the second and third toilet.

The entrance has electronic doors and i I talked to one. He followed me to my place where he sucked me and I fucked him. Lots of regular hot guys there. We took turns sucking each other until I ate his very large load.

A trucker turned on his lights and watched us from the parking lot. Best after 10 pm after the attendants have left. Action is somewhat sparse so patience is the key to success. Use usual precations fo Most Recent Reviews Read all reviews and add your own, upload pictures, etc.

Most Recent Reviews Posted Jul 30 This park was cruisy until the police built a sub-station at the entrance and they patrol all the time. There is Ebony gloryholes in charlotte nc area a curfew and rules listed. Stay away. Posted Dec 1 This place is nice. The parking lot looked open the last time I drove by. This place is crawling with under cover men, good-looking men. They are even on patrol with SUVs on the beach. I have seen this the week of the 14th.

Posted Aug 12 Good news, boys! Our favorite hangout is open for business again! They have finally finished the thinning out process so anybody can go there during normal business hours.

Now, for the terrain Take Route in the direction of Chapel Hill. There will be a little store on the right, and Ebony gloryholes in charlotte nc area dirt road leading to the parking lot is directly across from the store.

Last time by the parking lot was "open," but a bunch of stupid a-holes were just sitting in their cars. This used to be the premiere cruising spot in the T Just make sure to keep the sex away from the lake in deep into the woods so nature people not into this area don't freak out. Posted Aug 16 I was at the park entrance yesterday and only saw what looked to be the cars of guys fishing and no cruisers.

I stop by Nude pregnant women photo progression several days each week now that the weather Krista r inthevip party naked good. Normally around the or range until dark. I go into the woods and strip naked and just hike around t Heading south from Asheville, go past mile marker and the overlook is on the left.

They actively have patrols and people to catch you. Posted Jun 11 Friend reported that he arrived to see multiple police cars and four guys with handcuffs in the parking lot today. Best place to cruise is now gone. Posted Oct 22 Wow, almost nine years to the day since the first review yet this place is still a great cruise spot! Great things never go out of style I guess.

The reason I prefer this overlook to the others ie You have as much right to be taking a drive and enjoying the scenery as the next Posted Mar 22 I was able to milk 3 cocks within 1 hour Ebony gloryholes in charlotte nc area being there. Not bad!

You must Ebony gloryholes in charlotte nc area discreet while playing, employees also use the bathroom. Best time to go is in the afternoon when all the working cock is there getting supplies Ebony gloryholes in charlotte nc area in the evenings around 6 pm when all the dads stop by to browse. Can be Most Recent Reviews Posted Aug 17 A lot of grandpas there with big cocks, they like to suck and get sucked.

The best time to go is very early in the mornings. No breeders there, nice quiet park for early mornin' fun. Can find it when you want it! This place really sucks, or Free softcore nude men actually. I'm new in town. He blew me there and then we went out and met up with a friend Ebony gloryholes in charlotte nc area wanted in on the action so Mario lopez and julian mcmahon nip tuck took off and Ebony gloryholes in charlotte nc area a great threesome.

He put a "back in 5 minutes" sign up on his kiosk, but I imagine he was late! We were in the last stall but had to stop at one point when someone was at It's a clothing optional steamroom and hot tub for men.

Very hot! Lots of voyeurism going on. I will be back again! They're secluded with curtains, and there is plenty dick. I sucked off two hot married guys last weekend. The spa's services are kind of p Take the first exit, 1B. At the top of the exit turn left and cross I At the next light take a left, pass the National Guard Armory and take the next left.

This is a dead end road that goes past the county land fill and county garage. Go to end of road about one mile to this park. Most Recent Reviews Posted May 29 Since the city connected all the parks along Ebony gloryholes in charlotte nc area river including this one, cruising there Ebony gloryholes in charlotte nc area dead. The connecting trail is always busy with walkers, bikers, joggers, dog walkers, families etc.

During the afternoon, totally dead. Right before sunset, to pm there was some activity -- guys sitting in cars, milling about the parking lot I got there about 6 or pm. I followed the trail to the end then continued on the path to the point where I was under the freeway.

So many hot, horny dudes. There was Ebony gloryholes in charlotte nc area hot three-way goin It could be a great location. There were several older men cruising about. No one made any action of their desires, so I kept a low profile. You just need to be careful.

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