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This is a story about the experience my wife had with her first black man. Vikki had joked with me many times before about her fantasizing about a black man and her getting it on. Well, I could tell that it was no Black man takes your wife. I knew that if the right circumstances presented themselves, she would do it. I, being her husband, and knowing her well, knew that she craved for this experience.

I felt that it would be a great turn-on for me to watch this. So, I started doing some searching on the internet. After a few weeks of swapping emails with some perspective men, I finally found someone that I thought would fit the bill. I chatted with "Guy" about the situation, and he sounded more than willing to participate.

Guy sent me a few pics of himself, and he appeared to be very clean and well-groomed. After a few exchanges of emails, I asked him for some shots of him nude. I just wanted to make sure that he had the proper equipment to get the job done. Well, all I can say is, he was more than ample for our needs.

He waslbs, somewhat muscular, and had a large, 9" long by 6. Vikki always said that I had a great ass, so I new that she would not be disappointed. Vikki knew nothing of what I was setting up. I wanted to surprise her for her Black man takes your wife b-day. It was only a couple days before her b-day when I told Guy what hotel to meet us at, and what time.

Soon, the day came, and I couldn't wait to see Vikki's reaction when she found out about what I had set up. We arrived at the hotel, and as soon as we Black man takes your wife to the room, we started pouring drinks. I went to a pay phone, and called Guy to tell him which room we were in, and when to show up. As Vikki and I drank more and more, we talked more Black man takes your wife more about sex.

I asked her what she would do if I ever set her up with someone. She said that as long as I approved of them, she would take me up on the offer. Little did she know that I had lined her up with a black man! So, I told her that I had someone coming over to do her in front of me. She seemed a little shocked, but being a little lit from the liquor, she said that she would do whatever I wanted.

Almost being synchronized, Guy knocked on the right then. A rush of excitement came over Black man takes your wife body as I walked toward the door. We had quite a few candles lit in the room, and you could see pretty well in the candles' glow.

I opened the door, and Guy walked in. A look of total amazement was on Vikki's face that he was black. She was smiling though. Guy walked in and sat down on the edge of the king bed next to Vikki.

We talked for a bit, and I could tell that Vikki was squirming where she sat. She couldn't wait. We laid down some guidelines first, that Guy quickly agreed to. Vikki had on a white see-through top that was kind Straight friends naked gym like a half teddy, and a pair of see-through thong panties that matched. Guy had on a pair of Dockers and a nice button-down collar shirt. Vikki kind of took control, and told Guy to stand up and come over in front of her.

As soon as he was in front of her, she instructed him to remove his shirt. As he did this, Vikki started on his pants.

She unsnapped his pants, and slowly unzipped his fly. I could see that he was pretty hard by now, as Vikki had a little trouble getting his fly to unzip as it went over the top of Black man takes your wife bulge. Then she grabbed his pants by the waist, and with one deliberate movement, took them all the way off.

I saw her eyes light up as she sat and looked at his big black cock stretching the material of his Jockey briefs. Vikki then started rubbing him through his shorts. He grew a little more, but I would say that he was now at full-mast. Vikki then grabbed the band at the top of his shorts with both hands, and slid them down to the floor and off. Guy's huge cock swung out and was now pointing straight at Vikki's mouth. Her eyes lit up again at the sight of his cock in front Black man takes your wife her.

She looked over at me and asked if I was sure that I wanted to do this. I said yes. With that, she grabbed his 9" cock in both hands, and started to get it wet with her tongue as she stroked it with a passion. After it appeared to Black man takes your wife pretty wet, she took it in her Black man takes your wife and started with the head, and then slowly worked her mouth farther and farther down his cock.

After a few minutes, she was in a frenzy sucking his huge cock. She appeared to be totally turned on Hot nurses get fucked this huge black cock. Guy reached down and played with Vikki's tits as she sucked away on his cock. After a while, I suggested that he fuck her now. She stopped sucking him, and laid back on the bed and told him to take off her panties and fuck her white pussy with all he had.

I first reached over and gave him a rubber. He slid it on quickly. As soon as it was on, Guy grabbed Vikki's panties, and yanked them off her. Then he put one knee on the bed, and stood on the other, and maneuvered his cock in front of her pussy.

Guy then slowly, inch by inch, started pumping Vikki's pussy until it was all the way in. He was pulling it all the way out, then all the way back in. Vikki was screaming with pleasure. She was gritting her teeth and telling him to fuck her white pussy hard with his big, black cock. I thought that Guy might like to know that Vikki can take Black man takes your wife ass-fucking real good, and he should try that next.

With that, he pulled it out of her pussy and spun her over on her stomach. He told her to get up further on the bed so he could have both knees on the bed. She scooted up on the bed further, and Guy got all the way on the bed too. I reached over and gave him some lotion to help out.

Guy bathed his cock and Vikki's ass with it. Then he put the head of his cock at the rim of Vikki's ass. He grabbed her hips, and slowly inserted it in her ass. Vikki squeezed the sheets in her hands as Guy slid his cock a little bit at a time in her ass. After a few seconds, he was all the way in her ass. Then Guy just started pumping his cock in and out, every time, sliding his cock out just until his head wasn't visible, then all the way back in.

Vikki started talking very dirty to him. She was telling him to fuck her pretty white ass with his big black cock harder and harder. Guy was talking back to her dirty also, but he was at a loss for words as he was concentrating deeply on her ass Black man takes your wife he fucked it with all he had.

Vikki announced that she was going to cum. Guy said let it cum, and he would cum right afterward. Right then, Vikki let out a primal scream and came violently as Guy kept fucking her ass.

Then, Guy pulled his cock out, pulled the rubber off quickly, and shot a huge load on Vikki's back. They both collapsed on the bed, and let out a deep sigh. After they rested for a bit, I planned on having a three-way with the two of them Part II?? Black man takes your wife Story.

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