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It's back-to-school time. Back-to-college time for me, but mom still insists on outfitting me before I return the two hours to state school.

This year we decided on Nude dressing room selfy big trip to a major department store; mom chooses, I try on, and we jointly decide on some clothes since she's paying.

I was little trouble in the beginning. I hate shopping, but mom found a selection quickly enough and I soon installed myself in the dressing room. Mom brought the clothes, I changed and modeled, and we set some aside for possible purchase. The snag came when deciding on pants. Mom is convinced that skinny jeans are the only way to go. Hip girls love 'em, she says.

And I've caught her checking out more than one guy in Nude dressing room selfy tight-assed pants. But they just felt wrong to me. I'm sure they're not that bad," mom said through the slated wooden door of the dressing room. Let's find some others," I pleaded, beginning to peel off the pants. Mom burst into the dressing room, clothes draped over one arm. I nearly fell over as the door clicked behind her.

These jeans are the best; you'll find no better," she said, adding the clothes on her arm to the pile in the corner. They care about these sorts of things. I wasn't wearing a shirt, and the jeans were pulled down below my boxer briefs, revealing the usual cock bulge.

Mom was looking at me like she expected me to do something. I jumped back, bumped into the thin wall before she settled me. I looked down as her hands ran across my ass cheeks, fingers pulling the pants up with them. Mom's thin, summer blouse had become loose from all the clothes sorting, and cleavage and the hint of a white bra stared up to meet my gaze. The feel of her against me, mom's Nude dressing room selfy on my ass, cleavage showing, caused an undeniable growth of the Nude dressing room selfy bulge occupying the Nude dressing room selfy of my boxer briefs.

Mom must have felt it. I closed my eyes for a moment, noticed for the first time her perfume, and tried hopelessly to focus on Nude dressing room selfy other than the sensation of my hardening cock only two thin strips of fabric Indian bbw pussy photos from mom's stomach. She gave a Nude dressing room selfy as they reached the top, which squeezed not uncomfortably on my balls.

I instinctively rested my hands on her hips. She looked up, seemingly bemused, smiled back and ran her hands around the edges of my briefs to my front. My hands stayed planted on her hips, responding with gentle squeezes to each brush of her hand against my stiff cock. Her free hand grabbed the base of the groin, essentially cupping my balls through the fabric as she tried to wrench the zipper past my erection.

I looked down now in shock, finally realizing what the issue had been. I blushed, ashamed, but pulled her closer to whisper in her ear. And it's alright. Flattering, even, but we need to get past this if we ever want to leave here successfully. And since this is my fault She ran her hands from the jeans to the groin of my briefs, tracing the outline of my cock to the damp spot of precum.

My hands shifted with hers, moving from her thighs down the back of her skirt, resting on the meaty center of her ass cheeks. We both looked down as she tugged at the elastic waistband, allowing my cock to spring forward against her.

Mom reached a hand underneath, holding the briefs down and cupping my balls. Her free hand began stroking my cock, rubbing precum around the tip when she reached it. The sensation was amazing. I squeezed mom's ass while she stroked and cupped me, pulling her groin up and against mine. She giggled a little with each squeeze; I planted my face by her ear and began to whisper. If you're worried about what I'm seeing Mom suddenly stopped stroking, let the elastic band slap against my balls and began unbuttoning her blouse.

I watched as she finished unbuttoning the last button and threw her blouse on the pile of clothes. After Nude dressing room selfy little fumbling Nude dressing room selfy clasp came free, and mom added her bra to the growing pile in the corner.

As mom went back to rubbing, Nude dressing room selfy noticed her large, pink aureoles. As I squeezed and tugged on her breasts, my mouth instinctively searched for hers. Mom was surprised at the kiss, at first. But soon her tongue was darting into my mouth, returning massaging motions and making wet, smacking sounds.

She whimpered into my mouth with each tug at her nipples. She looked up confused while my hand reached behind her skirt and began to unzip.

As her skirt fell Nude dressing room selfy the floor I looked back into her eyes. Mom grew wetter in my hand.

I came closer to cumming with each cock rub. Whimpers and wet, kissing noises filled the small room. Suddenly, we heard a knock on the door. Mom and I froze. I pulled her tighter against me, into the corner, hoping to hide our intertwined feet from whoever was outside.

Is everything alright in there? Two people in the dressing room. This isn't normally allowed We're just trying on a few last things. We intend to spend a lot of money today, and we would like a little privacy" she added. I was impressed with mom. And still ragingly horny. My hand made its way back into her panties while the attendant waited outside. Are you her son? Mom was wetter now than ever. A quick nudge to the ribs, however, brought me back to the moment.

I'm her son. We're just finishing up here, and really don't appreciate the interruption. I'm sure there are other patrons needing your assistance," I said, fingers never leaving mom's engorged clit. Still the noises—are you sure everything is alright? I couldn't take much more of this. I grabbed my cock with my free hand, yanked mom's panties to the side and slid my shaft underneath her pussy.

Mom gasped at the feeling of our naked organs meeting, then stared wide-eyed back at me. I wrapped my arms around her head and continued with the worker. And you might hear some noises. And so is mom. Mom's trimmed, wet pussy now stood spread before me.

I positioned my cock head at its entrance as she looked on in disbelief. Her arms stayed wrapped around my waist, large, squishy breasts topped with hard nipples pressing against my bare chest. Mom bit into my shoulder as I continued pressing. Our pelvises met.

Mom groaned. I held Nude dressing room selfy steady as I began thrusting in and out, slowly, creating gentle smacking sounds. The attendant wasn't sold. You're really with your son, having him try on some new things? She kissed me passionately, as a lover, thrusting her tongue deep in my mouth while the employee waited. Changing, I mean.

With each thrust my balls smacked against Nude dressing room selfy drenched pussy. She whimpered softly. I moaned. We kissed. Our hands grabbed fleshy tits, ass, tongues ran along soft earlobes in between. The employee was undoubtedly pressed against the door, Nude dressing room selfy. I was growing close, and I could feel mom was too.

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