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Kathy started to Lesbian fingers and cheeks spread drip and these juices were much Lesbian fingers and cheeks spread to drink. Jill pushed her face deep into Kathy's fat folds, her cunt leaking all over her face. Jill rubbed her face Lesbian fingers and cheeks spread into Kathy's vagina and licked up her center. Kathy screamed and started to cum. She rocked her hips forward, her orgasm crashed down on her and she started to piss out her cunt cum.

Jill was caught off guard. She hadn't every had a pussy this wet, Kathy squirted her cum all over Jill's face. Jill didn't know what she should do.

Kathy kept cumming on her. Jill looked right into Kathy's hole and watched as her lips bulged and a thick spray of cunt cum jetted out again. The liquid felt hot and gooey as it smeared her face. It had a slightly oily texture and smelled wonderful. Realizing she was missing a rare event Jill opened her mouth and shoved her face deeply into Kathy's folds.

She pushed her tongue into Kathy's cunt hole and felt her stream of cum rushing out of her and into her mouth. Each wave was wetter than the last, and each wave of cum that Kathy gave up was drank by Jill. When it was all over, Jill took her time licking Kathy's cunt clean. When she Lesbian fingers and cheeks spread finished, her pussy lacked any taste but that of saliva. Jill stood up and gave Kathy as deep, long french kiss.

Kathy smiled. Said nothing and left. Jill looked over at Erika. She was sitting with her legs spread wide. She hooked a finger into her hole and pulled, causing it to gap open slightly. Jill smiled. She lowered Lesbian fingers and cheeks spread face to Erika's wet cunt and started to feast on it.

Drinking her spicy juices. Sex all artis indo had licked for a few minutes, then she heard the door open behind her. We will find that out I think, right now. Jill I want you to turn around and see who sponsored you into our society. She was puzzled at first, then remembered that Erika Chubby cute teen movies mentioned that she had been sponsored into this.

Slowly she turned around. Before her, standing in the doorway was her mother, Kim. Kim smiled at her daughter. She was wearing a heavy green housecoat. She lifted it off her shoulders and let it drop to the floor.

Now completely nude, Kim walked toward Jill. Jill stood up, her face shinny with Erika's pussy juices. Kim kissed her deeply. Jill felt her nipples harden. She had never imagined kissing her mother, she had never imagine seeing her nude like this. Kim was 45, her long blond hair sweeping over her shoulders. Her 36 C sized breasts pressing into her. Jill also couldn't believe her mother had a shaved vagina.

Her hairless slit moist with her excitement. Erika then said. Eat your mother's pussy and show her how much you love her. I mean Please baby, mommy wants Lesbian fingers and cheeks spread to do it, but only if you want too. Together they got on the bed, Erika moving to make room.

To Jill's surprise, her Lesbian fingers and cheeks spread moved over top of her, into a sixty-nine position. Jill waited was she lowered her dripping cunt to her face.

Jill grabbed her mother's ass cheeks and spread them wide. She then moved her mouth to her hole. Her mother's Donna bell nude fucking tits porn lips where a dark brown, but as her hole opened she could see into her birth Lesbian fingers and cheeks spread, her inner walls so pink, so slick with moister. Jill licked into her mother's hole. Her cunt was big and sloppy.

She pushed three fingers into her to feel her inner walls and to collect some of her cum. She scraped her fingernails in her walls, pressing her fingers Lesbian fingers and cheeks spread her bumpy flesh. Jill didn't know if she should say so, but yes They were dripping in her mother's juices.

Jill felt her Nicole aniston dirty wives club mouth close on her cunt and felt her tongue snaking between her fold and pushing deeply into her watering cunt. Jill used her left had to pull at her mother's folds, parting them slightly. With her right hand she reached into her mother's cunt and pulled until her hole gapped open wide.

She could see deep inside her, her fleshy walls dripping with her discharge. Slowly she pushed two fingers of her right hand into her mother's gash. Kim moaned, she spread her daughters Lesbian fingers and cheeks spread wide and plunged her tongue deep. Jill could feel her mother chewing at her cunt lips as she tongues lick Lesbian fingers and cheeks spread her slit. Jill added all her fingers to her mother's cunt, then folded her thumb over into her palm and pushed.

Her hand easily slipped into her Mother's hole. Her cunt was indeed loose. Even with her hand filling her up, there was lots of room. She started to fist fuck her, moving her hand back and forth, fucking her deeply, until her hand pushed up against her cervix. Kim moaned loudly each time her daughters hand banged into her cervix, rocking her body. She had never been fucked so good.

Make me cum so hard that my pussy soaks your face. Do you want that honey? Do you want mommy to soak you face with her cunt cum? Kim came too, screaming into her daughters gaping hole. Jill felt her mother's cunt muscles tighten and grip her hand. She felt her discharge soaking her hand and wrist. She felt every spasm, every twitch, as her cunt gripped her hand. Slowly Jill pulled her hand free. It dripped with her mothers cum, and Kim turned to face her daughter. She kissed her and held her hand up like a prize.

Erika and Joanne joined them. Together the four of them licked the cum off of Jill's hand and wrist. Do you have anyone in mind? What do you say mom? Should we pick one of them? I'm always happy to hear from fans of mine. Report Story. Non consent is a kink for some and not others. Piss drinking is a kink for some and not others. Please give a warning for those of us who hate those things. I think it's weird to comment negatively on a story based on the kinks it has.

I love reading lesbian incest. I only wish there was more. It would've been hotter if they raped the little sisters or spoke about humping them while they were tied down. This should be in either "Incest" or "Non Consent" sections.

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