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Sunday, 13 January Karishma Kapoor Sexy advertising. Source google. Supermodel Sanjana Karisma Kapoor and Rohan Rajneesh Duggalson of one of the nation's foremost business tycoons Bro sis sex mom been one of the most popular couples in the social circuit.

When Sanjana decides against flying to Paris at the last minute for a lucrative modeling assignment, she does so, not just because she cannot bear to stay away from her boyfriend Rohan, but more importantly because her instincts push her against going.

But what her instincts cannot do is stop Rohan from getting kidnapped. The high profile kidnapping creates chaos in Sanjana's life.

The kidnappers demand 50 crore. The police however believe that even paying the ransom will not bring Rohan back. Shortly after Rohan gets kidnapped, Sanjana starts hearing strange noises. She has visions of Rohan calling her Geeta. With all this happening, Sanjana realises that she can read Urdu even though she has never learnt it.

She informs her doctor India lesbian sex kareena kapoor Neetu Divya Dutta about it, who in turns refers her to a psychiatrist. The latter informs Sanjana that Rohan's kidnapping is somehow linked to her past lives. Sanjana undergoes a past life regression where she sees herself as Geeta, a young Hindu girl who is in love with Iqbal Rajneesh Duggal. Her entire family has been killed by her uncle.

Iqbal suggests that the Scooby doo cartoon sex porn way Geeta can escape her death is by leaving the country and settle down in India. Later, it is revealed that Iqbal's friend Aarif is the antagonist, whose purpose is to separate the two lovers. Sanjana's next life is that of a Muslim girl, Salma. Here again, she loves a young man named Ali Rajneesh Duggal. The latter leaves for a war with his companion Rashid.

When the war is over, everyone returns except for Ali. Rashid informs Salma that her lover has been killed. It is later revealed that Ali is alive and that it was all Rashid's plan to separate the two lovers. With this particular regression, it is also revealed that Rohan's younger India lesbian sex kareena kapoor Rahul has a hand behind his kidnapping.

Sanjana's last past life is that of a young Indian celibate named Paro. She is secretely in love with Raj Dutt Rajneesh Duggal. When she rejects his love and commits suicide, Durgam Sah takes the help of a psychic named Mantra. He asks her to give him the power to remember everything regarding his current life so that he can continue to separate the two lovers in the next lifetimes.

That being said, Durgam Sah, Rashid, and Aarif all have the same soul, but different faces. Their only aim was to separate Sanjana and Rohan. Now the question remains: in which form did Durgam Sah take birth during the present life?

In a dangerous game of cat-and-mouse all is revealed and at the film's climax, Sanjana is able to recognise who ACP singh really is by a mark on his shoulder which all his previous lives have had, and then proceeds to fatally wound him. This breaks the India lesbian sex kareena kapoor, and it is revealed that Sanjana and Rohan's souls are able to be together for ever. I'm going with one-and-a-half out of five for director Vikram Bhatt's 'Dangerous Ishq'.

Plodding on for close to two hours and thirty minutes, India lesbian sex kareena kapoor film will make you wish you'd knocked back a stiff one before taking your seat. This fantasy-driven film is an epic disappointment! By the end of the ordeal you wish to be treated to a past life regression theory to find out what was it that drew you to it. India lesbian sex kareena kapoor curse your karma now.

This is a terrible film, with not one redeeming factor. The Indian Express. Retrieved 12 August Retrieved 12 September The Times of India.

Bollywood Hungama. Retrieved IBN Live. Retrieved 10 May Movie Talkies. Retrieved 14 May Now Running. DNA India. Indian Express. Karishma Kapoor Sexy. Labels: Karishma Kapoor Sexy. Newer Post Older Post Home.

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