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Diving into her golden piss juice, this beautiful blonde licks her own pee. House of taboo piss lesbian naked, she pisses again, this time onto her blouse and she squeezes her warm piss over her sexy, naked body.

Using a pussy pump, Carina makes her pussy puffy and pees into the tube, pouring the contents over her hair and tits. She uses a dildo on her pussy and relieves herself once more, squirting pee all over the floor.

The number of times this kinky blonde pees on camera is amazing, and includes one more attempt, this time peeing on her pretty feet.

Nick invites over his friend Antonio Ross so they can have fun together with the slave. Antonio really gets into spanking Akasha, who is held helplessly in the grasp of these masterful men.

They loosen her bonds somewhat so her naked body will be more easily arranged for the further insertions that will follow on the couch. It all leads to a double penetration as they cram her in both her shaved pussy and available asshole.

Antonio has another liquid he is going to share with her, and he leads her into another room to anoint her with its golden spray. Tigerr Benson finds herself in a tight predicament in this new roleplay scene. Her attire is unconventional. Looks like a House of taboo piss lesbian bag with cut-outs for her 36D breasts. The bag also comes up to the top of her head.

Her ankles are bound with rope, and her wrists are tied above her head and secured to the top of a barn. Markus Dupree and Cristian come into the barn and put helpless Tigerr to their sadistic uses. Suck and bite her nipples, play with and spank her ass. Cut a hole in the bag so her mouth shows through and is available for sucking. When the bag finally comes down to reveal her full face, she kneels for more fellatio and then crouches on the barrel to suck Markus while getting fucked in her shaved pussy by Cristian.

She gags and her mascara runs down her cheeks. After double penetration in this epic of extreme sex, they cum all over her face, as if to add their cream to the rivers of mascara that trail down from her eyes. But they then cleanse her face of that first mess by pissing all House of taboo piss lesbian it. Yes, we warned you, your eyes will gape….

What benefits, you might ask, as you watch her squat with her naked thighs spread wide on the grass while the gushes of her golden liquid spray out uncontrollably upon the ground? But getting into a situation where she is stripped and chained, and having to piss herself in the outdoors, is a House of taboo piss lesbian that Charlotta learns that, when she puts aside all the trappings of power and business that define her in the outside world, she is just a vulnerable human female animal, House of taboo piss lesbian the whim of urges that may be embarrassing to give into, but to which she has to surrender nonetheless.

Perhaps after she pees on the green earth, she will have a more compassionate attitude toward others…especially those who know that sometimes to relax she likes to be treated as a SLAVE…chained and pissing on the ground like a doggie! Members will recall the scene on 3 December when rebellious student Kiara Lord was sent to the college infirmary to be examined House of taboo piss lesbian Dr.

House of taboo piss lesbian medico, however, was soon revealed as a sadist, and tying up Kiara in his secret room of House of taboo piss lesbian behind the regular examination area, he had his way with her. Her defiant attitude toward life still intact, she takes him into new erotic territory for his tool, one more perversion as it were—as he unloads his urine for the first time onto a female, and watches as she takes it in her mouth and along the nubile House of taboo piss lesbian of her lovely body.

There is a harsh spotlight on this blonde beauty as she sits immobilized in a wood-paneled room that has a dirt floor. Lucy is nude and bound with straps in the corner, sitting on a seat that elevates her bare feet several inches from the floor. Her mascara has long ago poured down her face House of taboo piss lesbian streaks of distress.

She disobeyed her master, and now Samantha must be punished. Made to House of taboo piss lesbian naked in the cellar, she has ample time to think about her various sins, but eventually she feels the need to pee and that, she knows, is part of her punishment.

What is more embarrassing than having to uncontrollably empty your bladder away from a toilet? And she knows her master is watching through his hidden security cameras as she squirms and dances, trying to hold off from letting the golden stream flow out of her pussy. Squeezing her muscles, she tries to think about something else other than the blessed relief of letting go of her dirty water.

The tension passes for a few minutes, but then returns. She dreads what comes next, even as the urine pours out of her body, pours out in a flood made sleazy and decadent by her circumstances of inescapable bondage…bondage in this creepy cellar designed by her master specifically for such occasions!

Her face contorts with shame as she watches her pee splatter all over the mirror…knowing her master is nodding his head upstairs in satisfaction, watching on his security cameras and pleased that her chastisement is going as planned.

Laps it up like a perverted human kitten. Probably not…. When Gloria gets busted smoking cigarettes by one of her teachers that rats on her, House of taboo piss lesbian college Sexy fat older women world comes tumbling down.

He grabs her by her schoolgirl tie and smells her House of taboo piss lesbian. Uh-oh, he smells ciggies, not too good for Gloria.

He then inspects her bag and finds a box of tobacco sticks which she denies being hers. Gloria apologizes and says she needs to take a piss. After rubbing her clit that is. She shoots a mad stream into the vase, and definitely does not hit a bulls eye, trickling some drops to the ground underneath. He bends her over his desk and spanks her, then he finds a butt plug in her bag, and tells her to use it while he watches. Stay tuned for Part 2! Blindfolded, spread eagle and worn out, Totti lays with red ropes around his wrists, ankles, and cock as Mira squats over his pork and beans and takes a hot piss!

Afterwards she pulls out her prod and checks for signs of life coming from his penis. She wants to make sure that things his been drained for good! She parades over to her little throne, takes a seat, and spreads one last time for the cameras showing us her her gaping holes. Mira Sunset, FemDom fatale! Who will be her next victim? Our blonde babe from the United Kingdom.

She comes to us in a shiny pink outfit and all wrapped up in chains when suddenly nature calls! At the start of the scene Angel puts us into full alert mode as she spins around and gives her booty a hot spank. Her pink vinyl dress is like a second skin to her body and her tattooed arm and back adds an artistic allure to her presence which matches her intriguing surroundings.

All is dark around Ms. Deelightexcept for the matching pink trim on the love seat behind her and the House of taboo piss lesbian accents that loom underneath the silver masks on either end of Naked teen cute asswhich are like sentinels, standing House of taboo piss lesbian to make sure things are in order.

Well, Ms. Deelight is not one to be held back. With chains binding her tightly and no where to go, nature calls and she answers! Standing panty-less with her bald snatch hovering just under the rim of her dress she lets a trickle of piss out as she attempts to maneuver out of her multi-colored locks and chain. Once the piss is out she is able to maneuver her way out like a female Houdini.

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