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In desperate need of protein, Fernando attempts to catch a fish with his bare hands. Naked and Afraid. Cass and Shannon meet for the first time - naked in Belize - as they begin their day survival challenge.

Cass and Shannon run across an ancient cave system during their day survival challenge in Belize. Will Jeff stray from his deep religious beliefs in order to stay warm at night, or will he and Eva continue to sleep separately in the cave of black widows? Vincent's frustrations with Sabrina begin to boil over.

Will the pair make it through 21 days together naked and afraid in Bolivia? Fernando Calderon and Strippers of ocala florida Pearson meet for the first time - naked - in Malaysia. Water is scarce and the hot sun makes energy levels difficult to maintain. The mosquitoes in the Amazon jungle are relentless. AK and Tyler have bug bites everywhere - and nakedness takes its toll.

Leeches invade the private parts of these two Naked and Afraid survivalists in Malaysia. Keith goes after a deadly sea snake even though Smiling nadia taylor strips in the kitchen thinks it is a completely unnecessary risk. Desperate for drinkable water, Keith and Alana attempt to purify water using hot rocks.

Jeff and Eva arrive in Madagascar and strip down for their day naked survival challenge. Jeff has a personal Naked in the jungle without any clothes against a lizard in Madagascar. Naked in the jungle without any clothes he finally captures it, what he does next will shock you. On the first night of their day survival challenge, the castaways are pummeled with rain, soaking them to the core.

The castaways spot a snake under a rock. Will it be their dinner, or will they be its next prey? While squishing through the muddy jungle, a naked castaway spots a snake and needs her partner's aid. One survivalist has no fear about being naked, the other fears being naked more than the challenge itself. The pressure of building a shelter is too much for these strong-willed survivalists, but trust and unity are essential in order to make it to the end.

A master diver and former Navy Seal are dropped off in the ocean, miles from land. Beneath the sea, predators like the 25 foot tiger shark await. Cassie and Forrest suffer through a night of pouring rain and a leaky shelter.

Surrounded by potential predators, Dan and Maria have a little fun as they meet naked for the first time in the Australian outback. As the dark sets in, Ben and Naked in the jungle without any clothes inflatable raft springs a leak. Exhausted from paddling for 8 hours the sharks begin circling.

Russell and Manu give us a close-up look at their newly constructed shelter as they prepare for another miserable night in the Panamanian jungle.

This leaves them shelter and water, but they're forced to spend a cold, wet night without fire. While the survivalists made it out safely, one of the tree cameras did not fare as well. Hakim and Phaedra butt heads and consider parting ways. Will they choose to go it alone, and if they do, can they survive solo? Grubs found inside jungle palm nuts are full of Naked in the jungle without any clothes and protein.

Debbie and Bo make the most of this meal so they can get enough energy to find larger sources of protein. Find out how Tara developed her passion for survival and the extreme outdoors lifestyle before taking on the Naked And Afraid challenge. Cassie gives us a close-up look at the bug bites covering her face while she tends the fire. After making Amanda a duct tape bikini, why didn't Josh make himself some duct tape clothes? A leech latches onto Phaedra in an awkward place - right on her bottom.

Watch to see the full scene from Naked and Afraid in India.

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