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Space can get really tight—recently, it was so crowded that a man who was crouching down to get his stuff out of one of the lower lockers squatted his butt on my water bottle that was sitting at the edge of the bench. Sometimes a particularly good-natured patron will remark on how it always seems that you return to your locker at the same time that a person using an adjacent locker to yours does, no matter how empty or crowded the locker room is.

But maybe also there is something to general rules of space-filling yielding to clusters of people who roughly enter and exit the gym at the same time. If he were smart, he would have slapped me with his workout glove for effect, but he just Wwe locker room having sex like an idiot. I took their non-responsiveness as embarrassment for him.

Maybe I was just imposing empathy, because I was embarrassed Flu china sexy sexy xxx girl him. Another guy with a godlike physique and prominent bald spot that, much to my surprise, only made him hotter, talked about his ex-wife of six years to the gym employee that was picking up towels from the floor I assumed they were friends, but really, they might have been total strangers.

Since deciding to write this post, I have paid extra attention to what gets said in the locker room, and that has been very boring. Well, some dicks. Fake it till you make it so that no one notices your insecurities about how well your dick is hanging at the moment.

Once, seconds after changing, a stranger approached me to tell me that he liked something Wwe locker room having sex had written. Speaking of dicks out, you may wonder if men have sex Wwe locker room having sex locker rooms.

Yes, at least in New York they do, depending on your definition of sex. Rarely have I entered a sauna or steam room and not been at least masturbated at. What I had thought just days before was a bygone halcyon time of gay male liberation was alive and well, pulsing in the boners being adjusted and configured in soaked-through thin white towels. What a time to be alive. In our current wave of man-on-man sexual liberation thanks to geolocation apps and a proliferation of orgies, steam-room sex is yet another choice in an option-saturated culture.

In my current gym, the Wwe locker room having sex door needs oiling. During particularly cruisy times pm on weekdays, Sunday afternoonsyou hear a steady stream of squeaks that sound like a dog being stepped on or an anal novice getting penetrated for the first time.

Very jarring. I used to go to this gym in Williamsburg with my ex that had shower stalls with frosted doors that allowed outsiders to more or less make out what was Wwe locker room having sex on inside without seeing directly in. A guy was just straight-up jerking off by himself one day. Just a dude finishing himself off after finishing off a workout. Wwe locker room having sex can only do so much.

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