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  1. This mature has still beautiful breasts. She just wants to be worshipped. I'd caress them for hours to please her.

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How many women prefer double penetration? Featured by EdenFantasys. Beginner's Guide to Double Penetration. Eden Lover dual penetrator. Forum search.

Anywhere In the titles In the posts. I am a girl who absolutely loves double penetration, So I was wondering how many of you women enjoy it too? Sorry I will stick to vaginal Pentration I refuse to try it. Never tried it Tried it but don't like it. Total votes: voters. Poll is closed. Helpful topic info on Penetration: Deeper anal or vaginal?

Do you ever She loves double anal penetration in the middle of having vaginal sex, you want your She loves double anal penetration in your rear instead???? I do love vaginal penetration, but this afternoon, while he was pumping She loves double anal penetration in me, I put my hand down there, grabbed his shaft and stopped him Fan of anal I gotta have a vibe thats powerful in order to do the trick on my clit,for penetration I can deal with alittle less power.

How are you? Do you need What's the best rabbit alternative? I bought my first rabbit not to long ago. However, being that im a lesbian and not to into penetration i didn't like half of the toy, didnt think it.

Quote: Originally posted by Samanti I am a girl who absolutely loves double penetration, So I was wondering how many of you women enjoy it too? Alura Une. I have a lot of days that I don't feel like it so much, but I usually want double penetration. Some days I don't feel quite complete without it!

The rare occasion that I She loves double anal penetration solo I like She loves double anal penetration employ a toy back there, also. I would love to with my wife. We are still atarting out on our sex life exploration after 7 years of marriage! Obviously with my member name I am into the fantasy of threesomes.

This will never happen in reality, but maybe in the future with a dildo we can get into this! My wife is afraid of stretching the anal sphincter, because she says it can, unlike the vagina, stretch out for good and cause fecal incontinence later in life- is this true ya think?

Not my thing honestly. I know a lot of women like it though. I find I'm waaaay too tight to have DP happen. I am totally into it! LOL Haven't tried the "real" thing yet, only hubby with a dildo, but would love to one day! It won't stretch the anal sphincter any more than having bowel movements can.

And nobody's anus is bigger because they have had bowel movements over time. The sphincter is made to stretch and then retain it's shape. People who practice "extreme penetration" with things like two liter bottles and huge dildos etc may have anal prolapse, but normal anal sex, either with toy or penis or finger will not "stretch" and the anus permanently.

You can learn to control the anus, so penetration is not only not painful, but pleasurable, but it doesn't "Stretch. Think about it. You have all different sizes of poops come out of you. Your anus stays or goes back to the same size after the bowel movement.

That is what it is made for. You put large food into your mouth, does your mouth "stretch" and stay bigger if you like to bite big sandwiches? The anus and the vagina are actually as, if not more able to snap Spanking diapers pulled down to their original size and shape than the mouth, so she doesn't need to worry.

Take it slow, use a lot of lube, stop if she says to, try small things first starter plugs or small finger and many women and men do find they enjoy anal penetration a LOT. Add vaginal penetration to a woman and WOW! Some of us don't know how we lived without it before we tried it.

I'm kind of not into the whole anal thing. It just doesn't sound pleasureful, to me. Also, my significant other is repulsed by the idea, so, no thanks. The idea is hot, though, and I often watch porn that includes it.

Quote: Originally posted by trios I would love to with my wife. Obviously with my member name I am into the fantasy of Have to walk before you run - we haven't even gotten into simple anal sex - much less dbl-penetration. Not that I wouldn't love to. Midway through. I'm super interested in it, but I'm not sure if I could manage it. It's She loves double anal penetration semi-scary idea for me. I don't know why! I have a friend that talks about it all the time. She told me it offers mind blowing orgasms.

I really enjoy it, but it's only with my partner and a toy. I like it, but I've never done it with two people, only toys and a person. I She loves double anal penetration want to be in a three She loves double anal penetration. Though I have done something similar with hubby and a plug before, last night was the first time that we did it with hubby and a dildo using the Liberator Wing to hold the dil. Loved it!!! It is as good as I've heard and hoped. And we will definitely being doing that again!

Some women actually find the familiar sensation of vaginal penetration good before the anal penetration is presented. We worked She loves double anal penetration to it, not only by making sure I had orgasms before we tried any anal penetration, but also to fill the vagina with something so it feels "familiar.

Airen is right that some women have problems with vaginas because of childbirth, but this is usually due to episiotomies or 3rd degree tears, which usually ONLY happen with episiotomies, if the vagina is left alone during childbirth, the chance of tearing is much lower than if the doctor introduces an artificial "tear" with and epis, and then the body just keeps tearing.

But, She loves double anal penetration Airen also said, doing your Kegals and She loves double anal penetration care She loves double anal penetration yourself and spacing babies can help a lot.

And, of course, there are different tissue strengths and muscle strengths in the vagina as well as everywhere else, the vagina is only "stretched" for a short period of time during childbirth, and if there are no tears or cuts, the "snap back" factor should work pretty well.

But, everyone is different. Backseat Boohoo. If you mean two phallic objects in one orifice, no. If you mean a phallic object in my anus and a phallic object in my vagina, yes, I quite enjoy it, although I wouldn't say I "prefer" it. It's a rare treat. Kynky Kytty.

Only with toys. I usually want DP, a She loves double anal penetration plug during vaginal sex. I also use a butt plug during masturbation sessions. Two objects in one orifice? Not for this girl Well, I voted yes, but I can't really say I "prefer" it. It's normally two toys or my bf and a toy. I have very strong orgasims from dp. For me the anal penetration must be before the vaginal. Like P'gell said, we're all different. Lustful Dreams. I voted yes yes She loves double anal penetration I've only done DP with two toys, but I've quite enjoyed the experience.

And I do fantasize about one day doing a DP with two men. Don't know if I could, but I'd like to try!

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