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Is there a bigger pic anywhere? Well if noone here can fiind them then i highly doubt they are online. Big Poy Posts: 4, Forum Member. Portsmouth university charity calendar unedited does not normally fail in tasks like this, come on where are you?! Mallaha Posts: 5, Forum Member. Unedited pictures that the good 'researchers' of DS have been unable to find.

If it was a stunt it's backlfired as the calendar's now going to be withdrawn and I bet there's probably some very angry parents. Regis Magnae Posts: 6, Forum Member.

I wonder, what percentage of the female population the UK has ended up on the internet with or without their knowledge in a manner that some would consider pornographic? If I was an employer I wouldn't hold it against these women. Sadly the world isn't as open minded as I am.

Kapellmeister Posts: 41, Forum Member. Serves them right. I wonder how much of it was to do with wanting to help a charity and how much was simply attention seeking.

Shaiya Posts: 3, Forum Member. Goddammit, where are the links to the unedited pics. Skyclad Posts: 3, Forum Member. That particular site appears to have naked student calendars from a number of universities around the UK.

All it highlights is one thing - the students aren't particularly original when it comes to raising money. Tried that a few times. Didn't like it. Tut, Portsmouth university charity calendar unedited. You're too promiscious Dirona. I don't think they are online. There is no proof to suggest they are online. Nothing really in practical terms, no doubt some would disapprove of their daughter posing nude in the first place though.

I'm shaggin someone or other, not a saddo tho. Portsmouth university charity calendar unedited was discovered that images from the calendar had been re-posted on to a naked calendar forum. The Union took action against this and filed a copyright violation claim against the site, which resulted in all images copyrighted to Portsmouth Students' Union being immediately removed.

Portsmouth Students' Union discovered other naked calendar images from a range of other UK Students' Unions also appeared on this site and so informed all Union Presidents about this.

Since then, the Union was made aware of a second site hosting images, this site has been co-operative and removed all content immediately relating to Portsmouth Students' Union and has conducted a full site-search to remove any other copyrighted content. The Union is continually working to remove any copyrighted images which are brought to our attention from any unauthorised sites.

We would like to clarify that the images the Union released were images that had permission to Portsmouth university charity calendar unedited released into the public domain through the AU calendar and other images that are within Portsmouth university charity calendar unedited virtual public domain are those that have been uploaded by students who have gained permission from their sporting colleagues.

The Union is working to remove images which do not have this permission. The Unions' Women's Officer raised concerns about how the calendar portrays female students and so the Union decided to hold an Emergency General Meeting on Tuesday 4th October. As a student led organisation we recognize that this is the most democratic and fair way to represent student views and allow students to decide whether the calendar continues or is discontinued next year.

The Union continues to take this situation very Pink porn star gallery and is awaiting the decision from the EGM next week. It is regrettable that technology has allowed a calendar produced to raise money to support royal navy men and women during times of need and children suffering with cystic fibrosis to be used in a way that disregards this purpose, but I ask all students at the University Portsmouth university charity calendar unedited inform the Union of any images that appear on internet sites, so we can take appropriate action.

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