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Outbreaks of the Asian longhorned beetle Anoplophora glabripennis outside its natural range have been found 35 time — eight in North America U. In North America, Asian longhorned beetle outbreaks have been detected in the New York City metropolitan area including northern New JerseyChicago, Toronto metropolitan area, central-eastern Massachusetts, and southern Ohio.

Eradication of the others is under way. All of the North American infestations were first found by homeowners Haack et al. These detections occur years after the beetle became established. Canadian authorities had cut more than 26, trees by Haack et al. Between andthe European countries have cut more than 1, trees and spent nearlyEuros Haack et al.

Both the Massachusetts and Ohio infestations are adjacent to vulnerable forest areas. The risk of new introductions remains. Beetles in the family to which ALB belongs — the Cerambycidae — have been repeatedly detected in wood packaging moving internationally. Both U. Upon detection of the second known North American outbreak inU. Their efforts resulted initially in tightened regulations governing wood packaging from China USDA APHIS, ; then, into Migration of asian longhorn beetles of an international standard requiring treatment of all wood packaging used in international trade International Standard for Phytosanitary Measures Widespread adoption of the standard the U.

Nevertheless, the estimated 0. Haack et al. Over the period Fiscal Years throughthe U. Bureau of Customs and Border Protection has detected nearly 5, consignments in which cases the wood packaging harbored a pest in a regulated taxonomic group Harriger An APHIS analysis of a subset of the Cerambycid and Buprestid insects associated with wood packaging found examples from 39 countries, including shipments from Europe; shipments from Asia; and shipments from the Americas — almost exclusively Migration of asian longhorn beetles. Europe has had a similar experience.

The number of interceptions recorded in and are double those of all previous years. Forty-four consignments 9. The interception records and frequency of ALB establishment has caused numerous authorities to Migration of asian longhorn beetles that current phytosanitary programs are not providing sufficient protection. The reason for the expensive eradication efforts is the expectation that the Asian longhorned beetle would cause considerable damage if allowed to spread.

As noted, the beetle attacks dozens of species from 15 plant families Haack et al. Additional maples, elms, willows, sycamores and poplars grow in the South and West. The scientists prioritized Migration of asian longhorn beetles species native to the North American continent. Each of these 15 most vulnerable species, and several additional species, should be the focus of both a comprehensive gene conservation program and a genetic resistance screening and development effort.

Asian longhorned beetle is not known to be a threat to any of these 15 most vulnerable species. Economic losses would be greatest to the urban forest. A study of seven cities in the northeast and north central regions Baltimore, Boston, Chicago, Jersey City, New York City, Philadelphia, and Syracuse found that half of their trees are vulnerable to Asian longhorned beetle. In rural areas, the Asian longhorned beetle would damage a range of commercial interests.

One obvious Migration of asian longhorn beetles would be on timber production. Statistics Service, ; Andrienne Wojciechowskipers. December Eyre, D. Invasive Cerambycid Pests and Biosecurity Measures. In Wang, Q. Sex girlt pusy africa of the world: biology and pest management. Haack, R. Herard, J. Sun, J. Britton, E. Brockerhoff, J. Cavey, L. Harriger, K. November, Nowak, D. Pasek, R. Sequeira, D.

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Plant Protection and Quarantine. Helping U. Annual Report Statistics Service. Crop Values Summary. Press Release October 10, Migration of asian longhorn beetles Skip to content Anoplophora glabripennis.

Asian Gypsy Moth. Balsam Woolly Adelgid.

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