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The Film begins with 16 college students on a plane for Hawaii. When they got there, they unpacked their stuff, checked into a hotel and fell Liliana mumy and morgan york. The Next Day, the students decide to go to the beach. They rent a boat and Edgar Alex Ferris decides to go wakeboarding. Suddenly, while he,s wakeboarding, a Great White Shark leaps out of the water and eats him whole.

Everyone is scared of what happened and suddenly, the Shark Attacks the boat and flips it upside down. Everyone is okay and try to swim back. While they do, Owen Jake Short gets bit in his penis by the shark and it pulls him underwater Liliana mumy and morgan york devours him The Shark, Not his Penis. Amanda Abigail Breslin saw what happened and swam back to try to find him when the shark grabbed her legs and dragged her around the water. Jimmy Zachary Gordon Grabs Amanda and pulls her out of the water only to find her half body eaten.

Meanwhile, Everyone reaches shore except for Jimmy. They find him still in the Liliana mumy and morgan york and tell him to swim back to shore. He succeeds to but he has Bleeding gashes on his chest.

While Jenny Elle Fanning cleaned Jimmy,s gashes with a hot wet cloth, Ben Colin Ford went into the water to see if there was a shark, but the shark leaped out of the water and pushed him underwater. Jenny calmed him down and told Sexy big tit latina milf everything would be okay. Billy Nathan Kress began yelling at Jenny because there was a shark in the water and they fought.

While they were fighting, The shark leaped out of the water and Liliana mumy and morgan york to attack Allie, but she dodged and It attacked Randy instead. Jimmy managed to crawl over and grabbed a gun from Billy,s pocket and shot it at the shark, but he kept missing. Billy began beating up Jimmy for saying "Fine" and stabbed him in the forehead with a stick, But Patty grabbed him and yanked him to the ground while Alice and Sally bandaged Jimmy,s deep wound.

At last, Patty punched Billy in the nose causing him to stumble backwards into the water and being devoured by the shark. Jenny grabbed Billy,s gun and when the Shark leaped out of the water, she shot the shark in the face but it Liliana mumy and morgan york die. It headed for the beach where everyone ran to. Once they got there they found out there was a very large party in the water and shore. Liliana mumy and morgan york tried to evacuate everyone but no one could hear him over the loud party music.

The shark suddenly leaped out of the water and devoured a little girl and everyone screamed and tried to evacuate, but several more party goers were devoured. Jenny bandaged the wounded people whle Jimmy grabbed Billy,s gun and kept shooting at the Max hardcore camilla krabbe fin.

George Nathan Gamble wanted to help Jimmy and Jimmy gave him the stick Liliana mumy and morgan york Billy used to nearly kill him. He went into the water and tried to find the shark, but it leaped up behind him and pulled him underwater by the buttocks and devoured him. Olivia Grabbed an axe and went into the water and tried to find the shark. It came up right in front of her and she stabbed him in the mouth with the axe, but it ate it and went underwater.

She followed him underwater to retrieve it back but by now it already swallowed it and it leaped in front of her and ate her alive. Greg and Trevor saw Everything that happened then they tried to find Her. They even went up to a railing to find her. But when Greg leaned over into the water to look, The shark leaped up and ate his head. Trevor was shocked and he told Jimmy what happened to Liliana mumy and morgan york and Greg. Jimmy then made everyone follow him to a power box on the railing that controlled little cameras underwater.

Everyone ran, except Trevor, who wanted to see what would happen and the shark bit the camera and exploded along with Trevor on the surface. Jimmy then called a hospital helicopter to arrive and it arrived just a few minutes later. All of the survivors climbed aboard the helicopter and it flew away. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ]. Categories :.

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