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Hello everybody my name is Quinc the Thirst and I am attempting to write my first lemon. Before I go on with the story I will say this, anyone that is under the age of Kushina and naruto topless or Big tits italy free pic not mature enough to read this, leave now and go watch cat videos.

Anyway Kushina and naruto topless will do something different in this one unlike any other. What I plan to do is that while the people inside the house they won't be wearing clothes sine they will probably just going to go at it at any given moment. If you By making orgasm touch woman like it just bear with it okay. Well, let's get to it. It was a nice day in the village of Konoha where everyone was going on about their own business.

Civilians were working, ninjas were going Kushina and naruto topless and from the Hokage Building. Another thing happening in the Namikaze house is Kushina Namikaze cooking lunch for her only son Naruto Uzumaki. Kushina is a beautiful woman even though she is in her early thirties. She has a heart shape face, violet eyes and long scarlet red hair that fell down to her nice plump rear that bounced almost every time she would walk.

She had a nice hourglass figure with a nice E-cup boobs. She was wearing a wife beater that didn't hide her bountiful breasts and some sweat shorts. She was making some miso ramen when the door opened showing her 17 year old son. Naruto has spiky blonde hair, blue eyes and whisker marks on his cheeks. He just finished his run around the village and is wearing only orange sweatpants showing that he has a good swimmers build and his six pack abs.

Kushina had to stop herself from giggling there, him along with Might Guy can be a real handful when it comes to workouts and training.

Naruto was in the shower trying to get all the smell off of him. While doing that he Kushina and naruto topless trying to calm down his raging boner. Now he wouldn't say this out loud but he was kind of attracted to his mother. With the type of body she has who wouldn't be.

While he was busy with his shaft, he didn't notice the door open and someone step in the shower. He only noticed the person when he felt something soft on his back. He then froze up Kushina and naruto topless saw his own mother naked as the day she was born.

Contemplating on this Naruto knew that Kushina and naruto topless wouldn't leave until she got what she wanted. So with only one option left he just decided to give her what she wants. While she was doing this, Naruto was trying to cover his massive erection, because he doesn't want to be beaten senselessly by his own mother Once Kushina was done she turned around and told Naruto to wash her back.

While Naruto was doing this he was trying to kept erection between his legs so he wouldn't get Angelique dos santos porn trouble. It was going Kushina and naruto topless some but it went back up once Kushina guided his hands to her breasts. Kushina started to turn around but soon noticed Naruto's covered erection.

Once Naruto saw where his mother was looking at he started to back up until he hit the wall. Kushina started moving towards him and Naruto shut his eyes in order to not feel any pain. However what happened next shocked him to the core. Lemon Scene Start If you are under 18 or not mature enough to read this skip to the next bold line. Once Naruto opened his eyes his saw his mother stroking his 15 inch dick.

Right now Naruto didn't know what to say, because his mother his jacking off his dick. Finally after a minute or two he decided to ask what is going on right now. You remind me so much of hi that I just had to do this. Please Naruto, do this for me. The one thing Naruto would hate to see was his own mother crying. He would kill anyone, friend or not, if they made his mother cry. So seeing his mother about to cry right now, he just had to deal with it. You know that I don't like to see you cry.

I'll be sure that you'll love this. As Kushina was jacking him off, Naruto kept on moaning and groaning at how good this was feeling. Then Kushina decided to give Kushina and naruto topless his first blowjob. Starting out with only blowing and giving the tip kisses making Naruto moan louder. After a few minutes Kushina took a major step forward by taking in Nude flat breast voyeur whole cock which lead to Naruto moaning louder than before.

She then started to move while still giving him a deepthroat. A few minutes passed by and Naruto felt his load about to surface. Soon Naruto shot his load inside his mother's mouth. Kushina's eyes widened with how much semen her son was shooting.

It was to much for her so she had to take it out and let the rest of it go on her breasts. After a minute of just straight semen flowing he finally felt the last of his ropes shoot out. Kushina feeling that he was done decided to lick all of the semen off of her. Once she was done she then Kushina and naruto topless that Naruto's cock was standing back at attention.

Kushina seeing decided to make Naruto a man. I've been fantasizing that I would be able to do this with you mom. When they reached the master bedroom Kushina pulled Naruto in for a heated make out session.

David and lisa swingers they were at it, Naruto used his left hand to fondle her breasts while his right hand went to her nice ass. She was moaning into the kiss while her son continued his actions. He broke the kiss and moved down and started to suck on her right breasts.

After a few minutes of fondling her breasts he went down to her shaved Kushina and naruto topless to eat her out. Naruto was licking her insides and had one of his fingers inside of her ass adding more pleasure to her.

After a few minutes of pleasing her, she let out a shout of pleasure and released her juices out on his face. He then went in a bit more until he was all the way in. Kushina and naruto topless then started to move slowly to get used to his moms pussy. He then started to pick up speed making them more louder. Make me feel good baby!

But she didn't care she was loving every single moment of it. We are lovers now so we don't need any of that now. Just put it inside me baby. I want you to fill my womb up with your good hot semen. Kushina released her juices all over Naruto's cock making him shoot his semen inside of Kushina. After another minute of cumming, they both stopped and decided to take a rest. Whenever Naruto has an idea it's usually a really good thing. Besides, I want to see that beautiful and sexy body all the time.

Don't worry, just encase someone comes over, I'll have a security seal set up so that it will Kushina and naruto topless who it is so we wont get caught. Kushina thought about this and agreed to this because he brought up a valid point.

So will do that when we wake tomorrow. Once again that took a lot out Kushina and naruto topless me. Now the reason why I decided to let them walk around the house naked because in all the other lemon stories I've seen they just put their clothes back on and in a few minutes they go and have sex. If you have a problem it's your opinion and I felt like doing this for this lemon story. Any way I'm tired, I have to work tomorrow, and I want to get some sleep.

Buh Bye. Story Story Writer Forum Kushina and naruto topless. Naruto's life gets a whole lot different when he comes home from an afternoon jog.

Lemon Fanfiction. This is my first lemon story so if Spicy j open legs apart show pussy have any pointers I should use, be sure to review it. Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto, it belongs to its respective owner. Chapter 1: Kushina It was a nice day Kushina and naruto topless the village of Konoha where everyone was going on about their own business. In the bathroom Naruto was in the shower trying to get all the smell off Kushina and naruto topless him.

What are doing in here? Now let me wash your back. What are you doing? Lemon Scene Start If you are under 18 or not mature enough to read this skip to the next bold line Once Naruto opened his eyes his saw his mother stroking his 15 inch dick. Lemon End Kushina and Naruto panted after their intense sex session. I hope we get to do it again. Chapter End Once again that took a lot out of me.

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