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View Full Version : Did Jenna jameson ever do anal? I know she's is old news but she's still hot, and I've never seen any vids with her doing anal. Never seen her take a cock in the ass, but she has taken a dildo in the ass while someone fucked her pussy. If only she did a movie with anal, that would sell really well I Jenna jameson army anal. You mean Jenna's a pornstar?

I thought she just did the talkshow circuit and wrote books But she has done anal in her private life Jenna jameson army anal said. Originally posted by parker You mean Jenna's a pornstar? She never received a cock in the ass and never ate cum like some real pornstars did and do.

Who is Jenna jameson army anal real and what is a real pornstar? Briana banks she double fucks, throat fucks, eats cum and really loves facials same is for Miss shyla stylez, jill the legend kelly, zoe zeman, bridgette kerkove and many other pornstars i can quote. You want a real anal porn movie take "full Hot women cartoon network characters naked throttle" with bridgette kerkove you will see then what is a babe who is really doing deep and violent asspounding and assfucking.

I find myself defending Jenna quite a bit here, even though I'm not a huge fan of hers. Being upset that Jenna Jamieson never did anal, or any other acts that are out there, means you wish you could see Jenna Jamieson doing anal, or those acts.

And if that is the case, she can't be that bad if you have that much invested interest. Some girls are nasty, and have been well compinsated, others aren't, and have done well.

The porn world is open to many different types of people. Some who do well because Jenna jameson army anal their looks, others who do Hilary duff sexy ass for what they're willing to do.

Why is it when a man Jenna jameson army anal every act in the sexual dictonary, it's not excepted, but when a woman won't do everything, it's harshed on?

Georges, it is well known here that you do not care for Jenna. That is fine, that is your choice. But I have always wondered where it is written or stated that in order to be a "real" pornstar then the girl has to do anal on film. There happens to be a lot of stars that prefer not to do anal on film, each for their own reasons. Yes, I am a huge Jenna fan and proud of it.

She has done a lot for the industry to make it more acceptable to the public then it was just 10 years ago. I am not saying that she is the only reason for this, but she has certainly been one of the leaders. The girl must be doing something right. Check any list you want and Jenna will be at the top or near the top of the list for the most popular and influential pornstars in history. Why can't we just enjoy the performances of all Jenna jameson army anal the stars. If you don't care for some of them for any reason then just ignore them and enjoy the stars that you Jenna jameson army anal like.

No need to bash anyone just because in your opinion they are not a "real" pornstar. Again, no Jenna has not done anal on film for her own reasons and yes she says that she does do anal in her private life. No anal, but Jenna has definitely eaten her share of cum. As I've said before on this board, back in the Jenna jameson army anal she would, for lack of better word, in a very cute way take a nice load in her mouth and face and then look up at the guy and give a sweet little smile as if to say "thank you, I enjoyed that too".

That's one thing I always loved about her. She's 30, she's just trying to bank as much ching as possible so she can get out and go have kids and get fat. Can't fault her for that. Originally posted by rookie. The public relations train at Wicked is what made Jenna a household name back when she began. They promoted her like no other star had been before.

If you all remember her first ever scene in " Cherry Pie," you can see what a shy newbie she was. It's amazing what that type of PR can do for a person's personality, lifestyle, and status in the entertainment world and beyond, as she even won a debate at Oxford.

Jenna jameson army anal the Wicked PR push, she would be an adult actress not an adult icon. Check out "Cover To Cover" for facial glory. Wow, I didn't know there were that many haters out Jenna jameson army anal. Jenna rox, Jenna jameson army anal I would bend her over in a heartbeat. She can't keep her Nude family christmas card Originally posted by rb Wow, I didn't know there were that many Jade nude pics cartoon out there.

Kinda disgusting but way hot at the same time. Yeah, that "cherry" vid is from "Smells Like Sex" - it came with a scratch and sniff card for almost every scene. Originally posted by Peter Gazinya you gotta Jenna jameson army anal when she spits and drools on her pussy in that clip. I LOVE that shit. Eh, she was quite good IMO, made a blowjob and reverse cowgirl look better than most ever could, and you can't deny her talent as a business woman Sometimes popular things got that way because I'm tired of hearing people bitch about any movie, band, artist, whatever, being "overrated" Jenna is not only the biggest star in porno til this day, she managed to play the game and earn money from it like no other.

Many other big names went downhill Jenna jameson army anal just plain broke, but she is def number one. I've read in a story about her that she refused to do two things. Anal and interacial.

So that makes her a racist prude. I still think she VERY hot though. She has taken a finger in her ass and licked it off in the final scene of "The Masseuse", one of the sexiest sex scenes ever, if you asked me.

And yes, she has taken a dildo in her ass in more than one film. This is from the movie I was talking about, some lesbian flick, I think She's never done anal! She Jenna jameson army anal ever did dildo and finger anally, which is a shame for her many, many fans. But it is her choice, and hell we still think is fucking awesome anyway Thank you God Pretty good movie.

I'm pretty sure every Jenna jameson army anal in Jenna jameson army anal gets anal dildo. Probably one of the best all-girl movies i've ever seen. And I don't really like Jenna.

No she hasn't but lots of hot stars have I guess it 'Depends' Content sharing links should never be posted.

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