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Is the song any good? Was it popular? More than anything, does the video kick it Hip hop hoes nude the next level? A rap video can be supremely entertaining and yet not truly raunchy. In a truly raunchy music video, the artist is less important than the sexual chaos surrounding him.

In a truly raunchy music video, shit gets weird. We limited it to one video per artist, otherwise the list would just be populated by a bunch of 2 Live Crew Hip hop hoes nude. Yes Ass Quotient : 7. Snoop, Problemand Nipsey live in a sci-fi universe where Snoop has James bond goldfinger shirley eaton Ironman-esque blue light embedded in his right hand.

Shenanigans ensue. This video is raw. Honorable Mentions: Twerkfests pt. The foremost strip club rap video of our time. Honorable Mentions: Luda Ludacris feat. You knew this was coming. Probably the greatest single-ass performance in rap video history. This is an instance where you are strongly advised to check out the honorable mentions and absorb as much of the 2LC videography as possible.

Diplo feat. It is quintessentially American because it is all about meritocracy and self-expression. Dark, fast, furious. The Venus de Milo of misogynistic Hip hop hoes nude videos. Seven non-stop minutes of quick cuts from ass to ass to ass, every ass gyrating furiously without fail.

Seriously, watch this sample continuous, unaltered, 6-second stretch from the video:. It was at first a bit of an afterthought, and then the video dropped, causing America to collectively overdose on booty. As a bonus the video serves as a useful time capsule from the year Backwards football jerseys were in vogue, as well as forward football jerseys. Honorable Mentions: St. By Danny Schwartz. Danny Schwartz dschwo. Image via HNHH. Image via YouTube.

Image via Vevo. Image Hip hop hoes nude Twitter. Image via Vimeo. Treat yourself to a tasteful medley of bouncing butts. It goes without saying that these videos are all NSFW Snoop Dogg feat. Yes Ass Quotient: 6. No Ass Quotient: 8. No Ass Quotient: 10 You knew this was coming.

Hip hop hoes nude Ass Quotient: 9 Dark, fast, furious. Nelly, with the legendary credit card ass swipe 2. Murphy Lee!! Lunatics nsfw Music Videos. Sign in with. Thanks for sharing! Short Code. This site uses cookies.

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