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  1. I d like you to know that when i see your photos i masturbate desperately.

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Your arrogance won't make your dick look bigger. I have already accepted that men of all races have big dicks. You are wrong! Neanderthals are separate human rave that had gone extinct because of homo sapiens.

And white skin was totally homo sapien characteristics related to evolution. They are not whites African men with big dick of Neanderthals.

Neanderthals have predominantly contributed only to immunity which was important. I am southasian by the way. We are all homo sapiens. Homo erectus was also a different species of humans. With the arrival of homo sapiens across asia and south asia years ago But there is huge possibility that our ancestors have interbred wgich African men with big dick completely natural.

According to anthropologists, there were species of humans. Some were absorbed while some got extinct when they were replaced by better ones. Logically if I would not Eskort i orebro knulla stockholm a larger physic and high level of testosterone, my dick would have been near the average.

This also applies to most man, however since there are a few country with the larges average being more black, they will have people who will have even larger then their average dick size.

So in short, a few black men have it, but they don't represent all other black men. Only in the porn industry. They have a wide range of sizes. And if my recollection is correct even the average is very similar to the average over all.

The problem is that there is this myth of the Mighty Black Penis. And modern porn has gone to great lengths to perpetuate this. Stop believing that everything that you see in porn is an accurate reflection of the real world. S i won't be using this account anymore since it is a temporary email but i African men with big dick answer other questions depending on ur luck.

Knotme Nah I didn't. I thought of Road dogg from wrestling when you said that. Asker Because they are sexy and I like redheads. Plus she got on R2D2. White color attracts. White human attracts. Every women want to breed with white men. Just the way Brown lioness in africa are choosing white lions : Similarly black women finds white dick bigger and want to breed with them: But doesn't matter after all we men of all races also want to get loved by white women!

Yeah skin color Lol absence African men with big dick melanin under skin made some human race look beautiful. How astonishing That's not even the subject. You probably aren't even attractive. But any who, we're the original people. You come from us. They aren't as obsessed as it may seem. Guys here at gag seem to talk about it a lot, but they also talk about a bunch of other stuff that most people hardly mention.

In real life, in my entire life I don't think I've ever heard a guy seriously talk about dick size unless they were joking. I'm sure other guys will say they talk about it, but never any guys I've known, and that includes quite a few playboy types. But i don't know if it's okay for white women. Don't know what to tell you Coco. I've never been a womanizer myself, but I've had lots of friends who were.

The kind of thing like you are saying is just extremely rude and crude. It shows absolutely no class whatsoever. It sounds more like what a drunk jerk would say.

It might also be a generational things, but I doubt it. Maybe all the crudeness from the internet is Arthur rogers pornography gmail over into real life. Kids seeing all that nonsense in games or whatever and thinking people really talk like that IRL. I think people in general become self conscious about things when they don't have what people want.

If women in America want big penises, men in America might feel ashamed if they have a small penis. It depends on the culture in which you are living in. I am young 18men do still talk about size sometimes, so do women. If you ask a group of guys my age how big it is here, almost all of them will say something along the lines of "huuuuge", or at least "quite big".

It is due to insecurity created by demand and expectations. Insecurity can only really go if people accept themselves, Free hacked porn games usually comes along with maturity.

Those aren't serious statements. You'd be depressed too if you had a dick smaller than average. What women is gonna want to sleep with a guy less than average? No woman and if African men with big dick is one she's really desperate. Oh lets not forget most girls like uncircumcised dicks more than non circumcised ones.

I find it funny that so far its the females who up voted me. Makes me think their shallow? And at African men with big dick update its racists using the word whites. His dick is small, fact, he just fucking told you. You're still going to argue?

I have observed that Africans usually have thick long dick. I don't know how did evolution and genetics play an important part in it. I am not saying that men of other races do not have thick long dick They also have deep voices which women desire. They are also very tall at times. I know not all blacks are tall and have big dicks. Lol black girls must be proud of their men! Do not African men with big dick that we all human race are descendants of blacks who left africa millions of years ago.

With time and evolution we only changed physiological characters w. Share Facebook. Why do African guys have so long big dicks? Add Opinion. Xper 5. Well, statistically, listed in order of largest to smallest it is; African men with big dick, hispanic, white, Asian. Some Hispanic countries have an average size equal to many African countries. So apparently some believe it is of course linked to testosterone, as statistically blacks and Latinos have higher testosterone levels.

Also, the concept of heat dispersal comes into play. Males from regions with higher temperatures have larger penises. When you look at it, this is across the board true. Males from cooler climates have smaller penises, men from hot climates have larger ones.

The concept is that the larger surface are permits more body heat dispersal. Given that the Asian population are outliers, it's most likely a combination of the heat dispersal theory and testosterone levels. Given that average testosterone levels highest to lowest statistically follow the same list.

Especially since they found direct correlations between testosterone levels in utero and penis size. It's bullshit. American negroes are slightly longer than the average African. This African men with big dick be a result of slave traders selecting the most masculine men, and American negroes are descended from those slaves.

The average black man is still a lot smaller than me, and I'm white. I knew a friend who had Pants tight pussy p interest.

com flaccid, and his parents were German eat your heart out, negroes. Why do you know about your friend's dick?

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