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How to cum more: How to produce more sperm and shoot bigger loads of ejaculate. Here is a list of foods that increase ejaculate volume. Semen contains sperms. More seminal fluid normally means more sperm Emma watson xxx with caption. Men with big testicles produce more sperm. There are supplements that increase ejaculatory volume fast and naturally.

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Eat these foods that increase ejaculate volume and produce more sperm. They also help improve taste of semen. Eat macadamia nuts to produce more cum. Macadamia nuts contain a lot of zinc for bigger loads. They also contain vitamins, antioxidants and many beneficial minerals. These include calcium, magnesium and iron. Moreover, they have manganese and selenium. They are revered in Africa for their potency. This may be the What foods increase sperm reason why Africa is experiencing a population explosion.

Now you know one of the secret aphrodisiacs African men and women use. You can eat them raw or look for processed nuts. Peanuts and almonds are the other popular nuts that must be mentioned. These nuts increase seminal fluid. This is What foods increase sperm they are high in monounsaturated fatty acids MUFA the good fatty acids. Watermelon seeds increase ejaculatory volume. Watermelons are green on the outside but red inside. Watermelons are good sources of vitamins A, C and B6.

The fruits have antioxidants, amino acids and lycopene. Lycopene is the bright red carotene that is found in red veggies and fruits such as strawberries, cherries, carrots and tomatoes and helps protect against cancer. But did you know that watermelon What foods increase sperm increase libido and increase ejaculatory volume? The fruits are good for men looking for how to increase semen volume naturally.

The magic ingredient in watermelon fruit is zinc. Dried watermelon seeds contain more than 10mg of zinc for every grams What foods increase sperm seeds. Zinc is for bigger loads of semen. Pineapples improve taste of semen. A cup of fresh pineapple contains about 0. Being fruits, you can eat as many pineapples as you can take every day. This wonder fruit is among the best foods that increase ejaculate volume.

Pineapples make cum taste better. Just eat a pineapple, wait a few hours for it to be digested and then check with your partner. One can also taste their own semen. Pineapples, like macadamia and almond nuts, also contain vitamins and minerals — including phosphorous, calcium and What foods increase sperm. Pumpkin seeds increase ejaculate volume.

Pumpkins have the antioxidant beta-carotene which helps prevent prostate cancer. Pumpkin seeds contain high levels of zinc for bigger loads. You should either chew the seeds or swallow them whole. They are quite big. Eating raw pumpkin seeds helps maximize on their zinc content. Cooking or roasting them reduces their zinc content. Sesame seeds also have good amounts of zinc. They have about 10 milligrams of zinc per g. Look for Sesame seed flour.

These foods that increase ejaculate volume do work in the long term. In addition, they also make you healthy. This is because they contain many other nutrients, in addition to zinc. Greg E. JonesAuthor at yellowsemen. Ready to Start your Journey toward Awesome Sex? Be Ready to Smash WheneverWherever! About the Author Greg E. Greg is a fitness fanatic who is passionate about helping men achieve peak male sexual health.

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