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Perhaps you have been looking for an oscillating fan. Vintage wall mounted oscillating fans this is the case, it is worth to check all the offers that are included in this collection. This retro oscillating delights with its cool air and even more cool design.

Massive, thick, wooden construction, combined with thin, short legs give an original decorative effec and solidness for years. Wall mounted fan in the Art Deco style. Frame is made of metal. Suitable for residential and commercial Vintage wall mounted oscillating fans. Application in all kinds of interiors as needed.

A beautiful oscillating fan that is both practical and decorative. It features a solid structure with a brushed nickel finish and wooden wings in an old-fashioned style.

Vintage wall mounted oscillating fans equipped in a remote for easy operation. Decorative fan, made of cool dark shade material. It has three speed levels. You can either hang it on the wall or on the ceiling.

Like its soft curves. Ideal to make thick air lazy evening more relaxing. This decorative oscillating wall fan is perfect for summer time. Harbour breeze, 18 inch tall with 3 speed options. Could be use outdoor or indoor. Made from black metal and plastic endings. Give yourself some fresh wind breeze. Canarm Yoke-Mount Industrial Fan — 24in. Won't Oscillate but does Pivot both vertically and horizontally. Air Vintage wall mounted oscillating fans your room in a natural, healthy way with this decorative oscillating, ceiling fan.

It will cool the temperature down as it guarantees multi-directional airflow. It's a solid piece made of bronze with a chrome and nickel finish. Matthews Fan Company Like every other fan can be hang on the wall or on the ceiling. You don't have to replace it during cold season, because it looks super decorative and can be a cool deco. Vintage Ceiling Fans. Ceiling fan for all kinds of interiors as needed. It is mounted on metal frame. Received many positive recommendations from clients for neutral design and high quality.

Decorative oscillating fan. Colored in silver. You can have one hanged on your kitchen ceiling. Cool idea for busy kitchens or dining rooms, where is not much of fresh air coming. It has multiple choice of power levels. This blower is pegged down to the wall and it simulate old-fashioned wall lamp. Both handpiece and ventilator are made of matt metal.

This type of blower will be Vintage wall mounted oscillating fans to modern living room inspired vintage style. Made of textured bronze with cool emblemat in the front world-shape.

You can either hang it on the wall or just put it on Vintage wall mounted oscillating fans floor. Ideal for long, lazy summer afternoons.

An attractive retro floor fan with a base of copper-finished metal. It's composed of a round grooved foot and a stem with a vase-like widening at the top part with fleur-de-lis motifs. It has 3 speeds and an oscillating fan head of metal wires. A Fan Tastic Lamp This project represents an absolutely Vintage wall mounted oscillating fans lamp, which embodies what's best in upcycling.

Recreating an old fan into a marvelous steampunk lamp. It's got a black body, with metal cage, brass fittings, a wooden base and four vintage light bulbs. Oscillation Tower Fan This tower fan has been made with heavy duty plastic components and features a watt power adapter. It has a 90 degree oscillation for perfect air conditioning that you need during the hottest of nights. It is small, simple and at the same time very functional.

It is the primary task. It is primarily to serve. It is a wall fan. Vintage fan. I remember theses. If u weren't careful, you lost a Vintage wall mounted oscillating fans Mammaw always slept with an oscillating fan on in the bedroom.

I remember going to sleep, feeling the air on my face in the dark. It was comforting. Lighting Ceiling Lights Lamps. Home Improvement. Peyton Robinson Interior Design Expert. Get design inspiration and exclusive offers:. All rights reserved.

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