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Heh, not much exciting happens either. The incredible violet naked, well. I hope you enjoy it! Violet had just barely gotten away with it. She had to do it naked, but she did it!

In a surge of fear-and yet courage-she went invisible, threw off her clothes and slinked her way back into her house just in time for her to dive into bed as her mother was checking on them. She was tucked in, eyes, shut, and seemingly asleep. She was embarrassed beyond belief, paranoid that somehow, someone, somehwere, saw her naked.

She wasn't dead. The incredible violet naked sighed with relief as she The incredible violet naked her mother The incredible violet naked off and got The incredible violet naked to put on some pj's and Get her other clothes from behind the bushes.

She liked that skirt and was not about to let it become lawn mulch. Once back in her room, pajamas on, and clothes in the The incredible violet naked hamper, Violet looked at the clock.

Violet climbed away from her bed with much disdain. Leaving the bed, in that very moment, felt like she was leaving part of her soul. The blankets were so warm, the pillows were so welcoming. But no. She'd already wasted anough of her day in that bed. Now to get ready for the day and do something producitve. Like go on the internet.

Finally, violet shut her laptop and grabbed her phone from her nightstand. Five more messages from Kari await her. One of which is a voicemail that she wates no time to delete.

She doesn't want to hear Kari's screaming at her to answer. Violet simply rolled her eyes and began typing her reply. Because, as much as she loved Kari, she could be described in so many words. One being a drama queen. Just minutes after Violet responded, Kari had given her a message, this time, less capitol letters. Violet's brow rose questioningly.

Why would Kari ask that after sending her so many? Of course she'd gotten messages, but only from Kari. And that little winky-smile didn't sit too comfortably with Violet. Violet's heart nearly dropped to her stomach as she read Kari's last message.

THE Tony? Her phone shook in her nervous little hands The incredible violet naked she typed a reply. A guy with a mask? Violet's cell slipped from her hands, bouncing on the plush, black rug beneath her bed.

Had she read that correctly? Was Kari playing tricks on her? She'd never do The incredible violet naked. So maybe this is all just a dream? Perhaps she really did die after Syndrome tried crushing her months ago? She swiped her phone up from the floor and typed as fast as lighting. Violet 's phone buzzed halfway through reading Kari's message and a little bubble popped up, "1 new messages".

Violet's heart skipped a beat. Could it be Tony? Oh, god, let it be Tony. No, wait. DON'T let it be Tony! What if he was texting her to tell her she was creepy? Or she totally needed a chill pill? Or to tell her about his latest girlfriend?

Violet took a deep breath, trying to calm down her over active imagination. It was probably just Kari, too impatient for a reply. So, Violet clicked upon the little message icon, into her inbox, and An unfamiliar number.

Definitely not Kari. She opened the text and she swore she could hear her brain melt into lovesick goop as she read the small, simple words on her screen. Story Story Writer Forum Community.

Violet Parr and best friend, Kari are going to a party. Not just any party-Tony's party. Violet's long time crush. But just as she reaches Cloud 9, things take some strange turns until Violet's stuck with a new companion-Wilbur Robinson. Five e-mails from Kari. She opened the text and she swore she could hear her brain melt into lovesick goop as she read the small, simple words on her screen, "From: xxxx pm Hey.

Its Tony. Chapter 1 The incredible violet naked. Chapter 2 3. Chapter 3 4. Chapter 4 5. Chapter 5 6. The author would like to Extreme cock sounding porn you for your continued support. Your review has been posted. Actions Add to Community Report Abuse. Black kenyans sugarmmies pussy to date Working Terms of Service.

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