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They had just gotten home from dinner and Claire knew she was in for a spanking, she did not behave but she couldn't help it Spanking diapers pulled down was just so mad.

Mark didn't say anything the entire ride home. Claire stomped in the house, up the stairs and sat on the bed, no way was she going to the corner. Mark waited for her to go in the house then opened his trunk to retrieve a bag of items he bought at a baby store, Claire was in for a punishment this long weekend. He had bought the baby things a few weeks ago and was waiting for the right offense to use them to punish her.

In the bag were some diapers, plastic panties, wipes, a small paddle, baby clothes in her size, a couple of baby toys, a pacifier and a pair of mittens. He smiled, closed the car door and headed into the house and up the stairs. He came up behind her and pulled her panties down and tucked the back of her skirt into the waistband.

He gave her 4 hard swats, "do not use that language with me". After 5 minutes he invited Claire to join him on the bed. You will be punished like a immature brat, which means spankings and timeouts.

I will not make you eat baby food, drink from a bottle or put you in a crib because that does not interest me, but I will Spanking diapers pulled down sure this is humiliating for you. Now I will spank you because you did not behave tonight, then I will bathe you, diaper you and put you to bed. It's onlythis is ridiculous," protested Claire.

He pulled her panties the rest of the way down and put her legs up in the diaper position and began spanking her with his hand. She still felt defiant so she pushed back and kicked him on top of his head, he reached into the bag to retrieve the paddle. Claire began to take off her clothes Spanking diapers pulled down Mark stopped her. He then removed her shirt and bra, she felt so exposed it was horrible. She rolled her eyes and sat down.

Mark reached for a washcloth and some soap. He started gently washing her with the washcloth. He cleaned her off and washed her hair. She Spanking diapers pulled down out of the bath tub and grabbed for her towel. Claire, in a desperate attempt to achieve some modesty tried to use her hands to cover her pubic area.

Mark gently taped her arm, "put your arms down so I can get you nice and dry. Mark ran after her and caught her, dragging her over to the chair, "I do not understand why you aren't learning that Spanking diapers pulled down girls get disciplined. You need to go sit in timeout now, 5 minutes," he instructed. Spanking diapers pulled down sighed and without a word grabbed Claire's arm and pulled her over his knee.

They were hard swats and Claire didn't want to get Spanking diapers pulled down so she crossed her arms and stomped to the chair Mark was pointing to. After 5 minutes Hairy hippie girl nude beach went over to her, Cute anime furry girls nude did you get punished?

She walked over to the bed and decided to listen instead of getting in trouble. You have little rash, I will have to put some diaper cream and powder on you. He rubbed in some diaper cream and his Spanking diapers pulled down brushed her clit Claire cooed. He put her in her diaper then grabbed for some plastic panties.

She nodded, she didn't want to give in but she really needed some water. He put the mittens on her hands so she could not touch anything and then went downstairs to fill the sippy cup he bought full of water. He handed her the sippy cup and let her drink the water.

You need to use your diaper then I will change you before you go to sleep. He didn't get to her on time for her to lock the door. He didn't say a word, and waited for the bathroom door to open. She bent over his knee and his hand spanked her hard. He didn't say anything throughout the entire spanking, but Claire knew he was furious with her. When the spanking was over he instructed her to lay down on the bed.

Her bottom was burning and she knew it was bright red Spanking diapers pulled down she laid down in the humiliating Spanking diapers pulled down. He re-diapered her, "you are going to timeout, then we will talk about your behavior then I will put you to bed. If you misbehave again I will spank you just as hard as the last time. He led her to their guest room and motioned for her to get into bed.

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