The Penis can be found in two states at any given time, the flaccid or erect. The flaccid state is when the Penis is at rest, or in a soft form. Mandy dee anal stockings erect state is when the Penis is excited, erect, or in a firm form. The current length of the flaccid penile state is of concern to many men. If one had Medical pictures of penis option to lengthen the flaccid state most would opt for this.

But how does one lengthen the flaccid state? The images below show flaccid lengthening changes that occur with permanent filler treatments.

It has not been fully tested but will be studied more Medical pictures of penis and the results will be noted on the Medical pictures of penis page of this website. The theory is this…. It uses centripetal forces to stimulate the penile shaft tissue to stretch and generate new tissue resulting in flaccid and erect lengthening.

Patent Pending. Penile Flaccid Lengthening non-erect. Priapus shots, or plasma rich plateletshave no place in penile male enhancement medicine. Dr Loria feels that this is a scam and many get drawn into it because it is relatively inexpensive, and boasts Medical pictures of penis good gains. Do not do this. Viagra, Cialis, and the like, are prescription medications for ED, or erectile dysfunction. These medications cause a very efficient, prolonged, and firm erection in most cases, but will not affect flaccid penile length.

Trimix and Bimix penile prescription injections may also help restore some erect length to the penis. These medications are injected directly into the penile shaft with a very small needle and acts like Viagra, however, these treatments do not increase flaccid penile length. Medications side effects may play a role in decreasing the flaccid length as well. Certain high blood pressure medications may cause a decrease in Medical pictures of penis penile blood flow Medical pictures of penis result Medical pictures of penis increased shortening.

Certain medications may actually decrease the actual penile tissue mass such as illicit drugs that speed metabolismor even prolonged high dose and high potent steroids. Consult your physician regarding all of medications and side effects that may occur. In summary, the gains that medical treatments can provide are modest at best, and can help to a minimal degree. There are devices that either push or pull on the penis to make it longer.

This product is attached to the glans head of the penis, and pushes out see image below to place stress on the penile shaft.

This stress, over a consistent and long period of time — possibly years Medical pictures of penis use — may cause the penile shaft to lengthen in the flaccid and Xxx spread eagle pics states.

Even though this is a labor and time intense therapy, it may very well work, but you must commit yourself to get the results. Penile pumps may, over a long period of time, stimulate some flaccid length gains. The primary purpose of a penile pump is to either assist in getting an erection, or with prolonged use, provides a temporary means of enlarging the penile girth by causing edema or swelling to occur, and increasing the penile circumference. The only issue with these pumps is the poor design, causing pain and discomfort in most cases.

Dr Loria has patented a medically designed penis pump that is much more efficient and effective and is safer that the standard pumps on the market. Please keep in mind that these pumps must be used as instructed and can cause tissue damage if not used properly. Physical activities, such as Medical pictures of penis, is overrated and has minimal effects if any at all. Pills sold on the internet are mostly scams. There are some pills that may increase the circulation of the erect state, but to claim enlargement is false and misleading.

This procedure can also be used to correct a penile shaft that has an extreme upward angulation during erection. This procedure will allow the penis to drop downwards into a more normal angle.

Lastly, cutting the suspensory ligaments may cause instability of Medical pictures of penis erect penile shaft, and may increase the risk for penile fracture. Glans or head of the penis surgical detachment and relocation advanced forward can increase the flaccid and erect length of the penile shaft, however, this is a very risky surgery and may case glans instability resulting in being traumatized during intercourse.

It is not a recommended procedure due to the risks involved. Penile shaft surgical detachment from the pubic bone and moved forward or advanced to lengthen the flaccid and erec t penis can work, but is a high risk surgery that is not recommended. Penile transplantation, total or partial, can also be performed, but again, this is a very risky surgical procedure which carries the additional risks of immune suppressive medications.

This procedure was only performed a few times in the world, but has been successful. Penile flaccid lengthening can be achieved by several methods. There are stretching devices that even though primarily used for erect length gains will also help with flaccid length gains as well. Suspensory ligament cutting, a surgical procedure, may cause a small flaccid lengthening.

The platinum method can increase not only the penile shaft girth but the flaccid length as well. This increase is seen after each filler treatment. The Medical pictures of penis method may, in some cases, increase the erect length, however these gains were Des belle photo femme nue reported.

There is an experimental method that Dr Loria is currently working on to maximize flaccid length, and that is the flaccid insert technique. This technique may cause some penile erect lengthening as well, but this is still undetermined because the experimental trial is still Medical pictures of penis.

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