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I know I told a lot of people that I'm not doing requests at the time of this writing, but when one of the two people who gave you the inspiration to write asks you a favor, it becomes the top of your priorities list. Warning: Lemon! Ichigo looked around at the empty beach, wondering where everyone was at.

He stood there on the white sands in red swim trunks, a bag of beach gear in one hand and a towel on his shoulder. Above him the sun shined down on his orange-haired head, like it was welcoming him with its sunny warmth.

Laying down his beach towel on the white sands, Ichigo stretched out and turned his head. A voice chimed in from behind him. I'm not Ichigo naked with halibel fond of being in places filled with lots of people. Las Noches was stifling enough Ichigo turned to look at the speaker and had to use every iota Interracial deep throat milf videos willpower to keep his eyesight from dropping.

Tier Halibel smiled as she stretched her arms over her back, inadvertently making her well-endowed chest jiggle slightly in her tight fitting bikini. After the Winter War, Halibel felt uncomfortable with the fact that the Soul Reapers now had access to Hueco Mundo and that she was the only Espada left, sans Grimmjow.

After some debate with her fraccion, Halbiel had decided to lay low for a while in the World of the Living. Apacci, Mila Rose and Sung-Sun decided to stay in Hueco Mundo since they felt more Ichigo naked with halibel at their home as well as to defend it from any invaders.

So with that in mind, Halibel ended up on the doorstep of Urahara Shop, asking in a strangely polite manner if she could stay with them. Interested in studying an Arrancar, Kisuke readily agreed. So it Ichigo naked with halibel that Ichigo walked into his classroom and almost smacked head-first into the Espada in her new Gigai.

His shock was only intensified when he got a good look at Halibel in her school uniform, coming close to fainting from the rush of blood, much to Halibel's amusement. Now, Halibel wanted to visit the beach, Ichigo naked with halibel to enjoy some time in the sun. Ichigo was asked by Yoruichi to take her to the beach, stating that she and Kisuke couldn't do it since they were too busy.

To Ichigo's embarrassment, Yoruichi had loaned Halibel one of her bikini's which showed off just about every curve of the woman's body and assets. The thin, yellow bikini heavily contrasted Ichigo naked with halibel her mocha-tanned body, barely constraining her Rangiku-sized mounds and showing off her luscious ass. Ichigo felt his cheeks burn from the rampant blood rush constantly with every gaze. Laying her towel down next to Ichigo's, Halibel smiled as she sat down, grabbing a bottle of sunblock from her bag.

Turning to the boy, she was quite amused by his restrained look. After first meeting the boy, Halbiel had found an interesting hobby in teasing the boy, pushing him to the limits of his mental endurance. She had to admit, the boy was quite intriguing, Ichigo naked with halibel watching his fight with Grimmjow, and she was quite She couldn't deny that the boy was quite handsome, and the fact that he was a protector and knew the meaning of sacrifice intrigued her to no end.

Deciding to tease the boy further, Halibel lay on her belly and undid the knot to her bikini top. Grabbing a bottle of sunblock, she smiled innocently at the boy. Could Ichigo naked with halibel be a friend and rub the sunblock on my back?

Ichigo nodded and knelt down beside her, taking some of the sunblock and putting some on his hands. Halibel sighed as she felt Ichigo's soft hands touch her back, finding his touch to be enjoyable. Halibel decided that he'd done enough and stopped him, retying her bikini and sitting up. I want to go swimming. Care to join me? Reaching into her bag she grabbed two snorkels given to her by Urahara and handed one to Ichigo.

Smiling, the substitute put the snorkel on and followed the Espada into the water. Taking a deep breath, the two quickly got used to the chill of the salt-water before delving into the deep blue depths. Ichigo had to admit, Halibel looked like she was in her own element, she looked magnanimous in the blue-clear water. Ichigo chuckled through his snorkel when she started to swim near a school of fish, almost like she was saying hello to old friends.

Every now and again she would take a glance back at Ichigo Ichigo naked with halibel he could swear she was smiling behind the snorkel. After an 20 minutes of swimming, the two began to swim back to shore.

As Ichigo reached it, standing up in water shallow Adult video and orgy for him to stick his head up above the water he gasped when he felt hands grab at his waist.

What are you doing? The Espada popped up behind him, wrapping her arms around him Ichigo naked with halibel pressing herself against him. Ichigo could feel his teen hormones surge as he Ichigo naked with halibel her wet, barely covered breasts press against his back.

He shivered in the cold Ichigo naked with halibel as Halibel pressed her lips to his ear, licking his earlobe as her fingers touched his toned chest. It's a little boring just splashing around. Let's have some fun Even in the cold water, Halibel's touch made him hard, her soft hand easily working his manhood to life.

She smiled wickedly when Ichigo was fully erect, her hand barely able to wrap around the thick shaft. Ichigo moaned as she continued to lick his salty neck and began to jerk him off, his hands reaching around to touch her sexy flesh.

He was surprised when Halibel's hand left him, making him whine in disappointment. However, when he turned around he saw that the Espada was gone. His bewilderment ended when he felt his cock engulfed by a hot suction. Halibel's arms wrapped around Ichigo's waist as she gave Ichigo head. Her mouth was flattened by the thick meat, its hot taste mixing with the saltwater somehow tasting delicious to the sex-starved Espada. The water's buoyancy didn't deter her as she took him deep into her throat; neither did the lack of air.

As an arrancar who manipulated water, it was obvious that she would be able to hold her breath for exorbitant amounts of time. She quickly sucked him off, as she pulled away each time, she'd lick the weeping tip with her tongue, tasting the tasty treat as her tongue swiped against it.

Above the water Ichigo was in heaven. Halibel's mouth felt incredible and the way she took him all the way to the hilt with each go drove him wild. His hands grip on her hair tightened as his balls tightened, ready to release their load into Ebony student got fuck Espada's hungry mouth.

Halibel moaned into Ichigo's cock as she felt the burning hot cum shoot into her mouth. Like a bug hungry for sap she greedily swallowed it, Ichigo naked with halibel the hot treat to be even tastier than his pre-cum.

After milking Ichigo's cock of every last drop of cum she finally came up for air. Turning to a dazed and relaxed Ichigo she smiled. You're quite tasty, Ichigo! Seeing Ichigo's red cheeks made her smile widen. Let's Ichigo naked with halibel out into the sun. Taking hold of Ichigo's hand, Halibel led the naked boy out of the water. Looking around, Ichigo was thankful that nobody else was on the beach. He only had one pair of trunks and he just lost them….

Walking back to their beach towels, Halibel laid down on hers and smiled up at Ichigo. Unable to resist the bombshell babe's advances, Ichigo crawled on top of her. Their cool bodies warmed as Ichigo lay on top of her.

Running a hand through his wet orange hair, Halibel pressed her lips against Ichigo's neck, working her way up. Ichigo's hands traveled the woman's barely covered body, enjoying the feel of her cool body as it soaked up his heat. She sighed when his hands went to her huge jugs, his fingers sinking into her soft mounds. Ichigo merely chuckled at her frisky attitude. After a few seconds of fiddling, Ichigo undid the knot, removing the thin swimwear away from Halibel's front. Now uncovered, Ichigo slid down her body until his head rested on her chest.

Halibel's hands went to Ichigo's head as his lips wrapped around her dark nipple, sucking on it with fervor. Kiara mia hot in white squirmed as Ichigo's hand dipped down into her bikini bottom to play with her wet honeypot, making her writhe beneath them. As Halibel lay there on the towel soaking up the sun and Ichigo's ministrations, Ichigo had become a slave to his own lust.

For all these years Ichigo naked with halibel repressed his hormonal urges but now he was overwhelmed by the Espada's voluptuous body. He sucked on her breast with vigor, almost as if he was trying to will milk to come out of the soft puppies. Feeling Halibel's tight pussy envelop his fingers made him harder than he'd ever been in his life.

Looking up, he saw that Halibel's eyes had glaze over with want, her soft, full lips parted as Ichigo naked with halibel panted for breath.

Taking his mouth off of her tenderized nipple, Ichigo slid back up Halibel's body Ichigo naked with halibel captured her lips, sighing into her mouth as Ichigo naked with halibel felt her luscious lips touch his.

Wrapping his arms around her, Ichigo pulled her close, feeling her breasts rub sensually against his body. Ichigo naked with halibel they parted, it was Halibel's turn to slide down his body. Ichigo hissed in pleasure as Ichigo naked with halibel dragged her breasts down his chest, her nipples scraping against Ichigo naked with halibel sensitive skin.

Reaching his throbbing manhood, Halibel smiled sinfully as she wedged Ichigo's cock in between her huge jugs. It's not healthy to keep it all in…. Ichigo gasped as Halibel wrapped her arms around her breasts, keeping his cock trapped in her soft, fleshy vice. Halibel grinned at Ichigo's wanton face as she began to titfuck him. Her Sex tejejr basta prostituerade i europa pussy began to get wet, her bikini bottom becoming soaked from the inside as she slid her titties up and down Ichigo's throbbing manhood.

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