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When done correctly, knee pushups are an effective way of working out your arms, core, and back. When done correctly, knee pushups a. When performed correctly, pushups will work not only your arms, but also the core, chest, and back.

But for the pushup to be as effective as possible, you have to do it with good form. And that goes for modified pushups as well as the full version. Your body is smart — and it is also lazy, Perkins tells Yahoo Health.

What that means: Your body will pull in other muscle groups to help handle the load, making the Fucked doing pushups girl feel easier. The way you ensure this does not happen, and your exercises hit the muscles you are looking to target, is through proper exercise form, Perkins says. Proper technique when performing exercises not only ensures you do not injure yourself, but also ensures the efficacy of each Fucked doing pushups girl as well, she explains.

Your workout routine should grow with you. Pushups are tough to do, and even tougher to do properly. Since your lever is shorter that is, your head to your knees instead of your head to your toesit lessens the amount of body weight placed on your exercising muscles. Perkins shared with Yahoo Health her tips for a perfectly performed knee pushup, from head to toe.

Fitness expert Holly Perkins demonstrates a knee pushup with perfect form. Gif by Amy Rushlow for Yahoo Health. When you bring your chest to the ground, your hands should hit your armpits. Rotate your elbows so that the back of your Fucked doing pushups girl faces the back of the room.

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